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And Or Theory

Theory to disprove theory in information reliability and metaphysical data as a physiological construct



And Or Theory is a poetical, autodidactic theory to disprove theory in information reliability and metaphysical data as a physiological construct. And Or Theory is text and mostly handwriting: poetry, essay, short story and reader/zine, that has been registered at the Copyright office of the United States of America since 2017. There are many projects which are associated with my theory, including music and analog arts.

I had started studying and researching metaphysical data as a physiological construct back in 2011, and have wanted a scientific explanation for some of the more puzzling things that happen on this planet. I work to ask better questions, not answer them. That which I seek has no proof. Decide not to decide: I write and wonder about the need for critical thinking, especially about that which is considered metaphysical and or extra-sensory, and the want to accurately record mental and imaginary event, as well as understand and study the reality of accident and coincident. My theory explores generalities, but especially focuses on information reliability in the collocation and allocation of information and especially imagined and mental event, and what’s imagined or actual of The Great Beyond and extra-sensory idealization.

I try to decide not to decide, to remain as open and critical as possible, but rest often on the ideas of silence clarity and stillness as physiological constructs of possible accident and coincidence, indeterminable data. And, in the idea of that which is beyond imaginary, beyond collective, and beyond sense. I think I wrote a unified field theory, but it would be impossible to prove that from my solo autodidactic study alone. And, I would rather wonder about it as though I'm in the wrong. If I’m correct in my thinking, there are many unified field theories, hopefully.

I, Amelia Michelle Nicol, am the only participant in my study and/or theory and/or that there ever has been. I cannot be expected to participate nor associate with others use of my works.



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