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Thoughtlessness, these banging keys of self-playing relevance, the chimps at a typewriter or differences in that which is newness, the contrasting limits of supposition and the surroundings of familiarity and ease of dislocating repetitions. The figures for sense or invention, the imaginal variances in randomness and the supposed absolutions of experience: conditions, these referent values against me, the want for scenery, the need to breathe. These cascading dis-cares and thin air escapes of magnitude or divergence patterns in the bright orange moss contrasting deep earth tones and the steepness of the cliffs its clung to. Inference bartering in bright image from inward structures of imagined structurelessness is neither symmetrical nor a-symmetrical. Bent corners of time forming spaces or growth, rhythms timing vibrating spaces to pattern these fanciful excitements of space or the divination of its measure, in accuracy, cardinal directions only and latitudes for longitudes in timing daylight to space for the specificity of hours. Distances in a line, the differences or differentiations in discernment. Figure-less voids of escape, the resolute or destitution of decided decidability and the willingness to wonder: the distinctions in what is or matters and the figures of speech and spaciousness. The improbability of decidability in the ambiguity of validity and proximal dances of space for timing of supposed relevance in person or action beyond will or and actual participation...limitless exactitude of differentiation in abstract and conceptual, the evasive conditions of wanted air, the need for freedom and seeking out of that which is beyond in effective, healthy, and constructive ways. Wanting the solitude and togetherness of paraletos, in that underlying actuality of that which is accident and coincidence, forms shape and movement, of source-less space and the reckoning of sorts of space for that which is truly transcendental, that cannot be controlled nor contorted effectively. Indeterminable is indeterminable.

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