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The buoyancy of dimension, the weights of timing and space and the fluidity imagined in motion. Indicative measures of measureless space, the conditions of accuracy and the corners bent to portions of curve in delinquency and formulate depth. Patterns of potentiality and figures of possibility, the endless variance in potential and the variability of stance or underlying principle in structure. The shapeliness of that which is beyond sense, the ways in which movement conditions other movement. The water cutting into new valleys or moving entire landscapes with shores, the wearing of rain and the aeration of the soil, the ways in which the Earth leaps to meet the falling pressures. The differences in displacement, these wanted weights and pressures of alignment and the distinction in an object falling from the top of a building compared with a raindrop through all that atmosphere. Distinctions in dispersion, the buoyancy of gravity a decidable movement, these concentrates of possibility in that which is beyond, formulaic shapeliness and potentials in that which is supposedly constant, the actuality of underlying principles accuracy in inconsistency, recognizing the variance actually possible beyond assumptive limit in allowance factors of potential that have little to do with environment or body within it. The suggestive weight of conditioned measure, any amount of data or information could be assumed or negated based on proximity, participation and paradox limits, challenges and values in circumstance upon circumstance. Accuracy and the actuality of allowance in assumptive potentials for that which is beyond sense or these wanted dimensions of actual touch, these solid liquid or gas assurances actuality in touching the space and electricity caused by underlying chemical actions, reactions and functions, and not the actual elements themselves. That which I imagine as touch, this electricity so sure of the dimensions we see and the ways in which buoyancy upsets the universal constants assumed for waters endless interactions. The space and separation of matter in electricity, the wanted dispersion of differences in dimension or stated matter and the possibilities in other dimensions. The imagined perfections of the assumptive weights in conditioned space that's formulaic and repetitive, the wanted distinctions in weight dispersing time or volume to space that is beyond actual indicative value. Imaginal conditions in the possibilities of shapeliness beyond sense, the speculations of other dimensions and the need for random, chaotic, and uncertain data and information. Wonder, the ways in which any amount of corner or curve has a decidable place in these fractions of beyond, the persistence of universal constants in gravity have already disappeared most of them by accident, and the actuality of other dimensions may be further from us for every assurance and assumption. Charles Hinton refused to decide, most of the time, and wanted to remain lost on these romantic beaches of curiosity. Or, that's how I'd imagine it. The wanted significance in what has to be decidable and the usefulness of indeterminable data in reckoning limitless conditions of potentiality and uncertainty. This wanted concept, these distractions of abstract wonderment, the buoyancy of dimension and the ways in which any amount of curve or corner could decide without actual reckoning. The wanted underlying principles free from universal constants, the falling or rotting fruit could redefine issues in buoyancy, lift, could float a sort of fluidity in motion from every one of my cells dependent upon and soaking in the stuff. Wanting to actually touch elements and not just the electricity beyond them, the electricity that allows them to form and be seen, the actuality of the element itself more or less itself without the electricity to move it to shape and form? The perfections of electricity in water, these sparks of relevance within me and the wanted polar conditions of expectancy. The neutrality in electricity and the water in dimensions, the buoyancy of dimensions in water's movement and weighted place values. The indicative nature of current and the ways in which formulaic path and pattern could form shapeliness from potentiality, the wanted fluidity in motion and possibilities in the buoyancy of dimensions.

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