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what’s another for the delinquency in pages or the pushing for the sake of it, what about the other rounds about the same temples rubbing in frustration or the sampling of supposed emotion? Claim to another poetical phrasing syndrome, practicality can almost write itself after long enough, here’s another way to avoid having to feel it, as if avoidance is all we are ever given. That absence, must be claimed or named in some way or another, must have some sort of comfort in the thought of solice beyond the refinement of culture or the desecration that most have only expected. expectations to blame for the awareness itself, the subjects had chosen themselves and refused to shift, the congruence paused in just the instances that were unnecessary and decrepit to us. purchase another chance to change the rate of void in the only options we have staring at us like our own murals of devils painted on the walls around us. musta been askin’ for it. same rounds again, as if brand new and gouging themselves as if miles deep. here’s another fault for losing the chase, the ravines that none care pass or other ways to avoid as if the options were ours and if we can reconstruct it must have been our fault to begin with. Escape, these portions or positions assumed of space that doesn’t technically exist or defiances of apriory in association, despite another contract for deciding a way to think or allowances for interaction in collections of anxiety. Curved another bent weight in leaning backwards, as if the navigation of such saturated conditions must be picture perfect and absolutely purified; crooked, narrow pathways and considerate felled contractions in paradox or discomfort translations in hidden references. Collocation of personhood, here’s another grouping mechanism for confirmation of conformance to identitarian absolutes: hey, they’ll get ya somehow….free will must be a choice, and you’ll be forgiven for losing it to archetypes.

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