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The parts of page needed to see the boarder lines disappeared into broader stances of consideration and the withering trusts vanished beneath the guarded stacks of heaving weight. Converted the solitary fortitudes against the apriory and the grief in sharing as if it is always seen already; belonged somewhere in subjecting itself to dissection or must have behaved a certain way based on the divergent fractions of movement that no one will ever entirely decipher, the fluidity or pauses imagined in conditioned regard for the objects of perception that trick us into believing there is stillness around us, that anything is solid or sure. Avoidance of all ultimatum becomes the most terrible ultimatum, absolute conditioning for anything would prove itself the same dilemma of closed off discourse and inconsiderate unknowing that finds itself best by how you tend to defer what’s considered wrong. Just for instance, an absolute about an ultimatum or the constant inconsistency of the need for a proof for disproof, as if any common understanding of nothing or everything that’s missing could forge itself together well enough to barter against the ready tasks and reconsider parts that decipher themselves rather than define according to the surroundings or commonality. Variance to only particular construct: the mindfulness of consideration doesn’t hold to any particular diadem unless forced or unless given no other options besides. Wakeful desire or the sensationalism that leaves bereft even the most critical which ever if given enough time and honest attention would prove itself in the limits grown naturally, not those assumed as part of a non-participatory diadem, and not those solely conditioned from allowable rhetoric. Anyone known is solely to myself; any other that I could possibly encounter is subject to my own biases and directives. Will anyone ever meet? Other than anonymously? Forget the parts missing, the easily believable desirability norms and the places left as empty for those refusing the spectacled dream or contrite in desiring solitude necessary non-structure that irregardless builds. Neutrality ernesty and etiquette in the superstitions of everyday ritual and the posturing of character in the influence of thought and process beyond the thought of itself or of that beyond. A thought to think itself without, within. Togetherness that is assumed or that accidentally amuses in imaginary process that immediately describes itself in some form of interaction or immediacy upon encounter, or pardons itself beyond that responsibility for unconsciousness which binds itself against the currently accepted dialects and treats any reception from outside of itself as nutrients as data. that which is constantly forming and re-forming, never set or solid state, never absolutely decided or completely necessary, but sometimes indicative, and sometimes overwhelming in understimulation. Forgery dremt for friction to move along the sentencing of involvements in every single band floating through the air, in every single strand of electricity that flung itself to a nearby chord or telephone wire that hiccoughed and spat up pants caught aflame someplace in a wave of image or sound. Switch board operator poetry and complaint wary diction fighting the airs condensing the already tight spaces left the disappearing redundancy, the technological wave inference that must have been gathered to a particular pocket or curve for just a corrected instance for projecting that one very ultra important message for that one super opportunistic event or…more easily believed myths for the sake of mystical confusion and obstacles to actual coincident and real accidents. Free thought.

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