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The suppositions of timing and the ways in which space forms pattern and path, these concentrates of indicative and the measureless conditions in that which is continuance or connected. The values beyond timing in that which is supposedly connected or in continuance, the need for underlying myth and parable in that which is connected and makes sense in language, the wanted timelessness of conditioned environment and the ways in which scaling could circumnavigate the blind spots caused by guessing for spaces of indicative based on tick marks. The moments disappearing at the end of the year accumulated to other years, now, of timing lost in assuming it must be spent. These indicatives of curvature and the bent corners of indicative weight and rate of pattern and path in actual space, the wanted homelands for time and these clock towers no one is going to clean up after (Bradbury). The passing by of a coil, these conditions in that which is a knotted mess of imagined linearity or curvature, the ways in which timing easily becomes mistaken for that which is assumed as though connected or in continuance. Of all the ambiguous chemical and electrical conversions or actions, why any particularity in that which is supposedly shared or part of a larger scaling? The natural systems in mathematics and the need for indicative timing beyond myths in tick marks left as remainders of passing momentum. Imagining time moving, a wrist watch catching glances of seconds remaining in memory and consorting in possibilities of motion, these knots and angles of actuality in continuance and timing and the need for clear models and charts...The ways in which representation skews data or information and the ways in which time actually moves. The wanted underlying stillness, clarity, and silence in that which is beyond sense and beyond chemical or electrical reaction, the idea of time being stillness. The distinctions in that which is moving and the necessity in path and pattern in nature, the indicatives of motion and the motif of stillness and silence as a transitional plane. The possibilities in that which is constant inconsistence and the concentrations of warping portions of daylight to other particular masses in wave. The wanted escapes from timing and the patterns and paths of indicative weight, the connectivity of spaciousness and the ways in which anything could formulate suppositions in timing, the similarities are endless, this hour passing me has already, and must already have been somewhere else. The conditioned reckoning of space and the wanted stillness in timing, the pause and knots of timed breaks from linearity, the wanted imagining of time beyond linearity, coils or stillness, these ideas of conditioned pause and the accident and coincident necessary to natural change and variability in natural conditioning. The ways in which time escapes itself, these modeled figures of movement and the ways in which a tick mark could reinvent every part of environment. Imagined weights and pressures, a falling drop of rain illuminated in lightning, the quickest moving dropping down to the slowest movement, almost stillness. Timing in extremities of assumptions of the quickest and the bets of the slowest, extreme opposites and the ways in which any modem of timing necessitates change, and the ways in which ultimatums easily become limits, and change stays to limits. The wanted pressures and weight in that which is possibility beyond time and space, and the actuality of truly knowing timing or place value. It's electric. The reckoning of existential crisis and the need for imagined separations, these tick marks and movement a comfort to the tangles of that which is knotting along in possibilities of underlying stillness and clarity. The wanted static, stoic, un-moving transitional planes, the variance in space and wanted natural systems, that which is applied or natural and the wanted underlying systems of unchanging absolutes, the actuality of constant change and inconsistency and the need for free thought.

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