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Graphic portal grievance discretion angst: the ways in which we must form a memory, the glances that must automatically give some form of virtue to a system for purchase in merit to the affordance considered likely enough to drear out calamity and regard individualistically. Figure it out for yourself, the rarely seen or hardly ever mentioned, without realizing how far and removed anything must seem, as if these corners or curves will be forever in discovery or the gaps in standards never met will portray themselves against by accidently escaping the negative indicative. Forced involvement for inference or the catastrophic theft of time for space or vices for the dilemma of personification and mythological realities. congruent significances in causation requirements, distortions of varying excitements or portions of distinguishing mediums. Favorable distances for the actual to recall as if the preconception should decide from imaginary the event itself, tried consciousness and bare strengths for suggestions or parts of nothing isolated and ungiving, forget about it. Grievance actualities considerately misconstrued for instructing oneself about the ways to a process needed or imagined as necessary. Considerateness; there’s plenty for regurgitation or peruse and even more for the difficulty in short answers or the ingenuity in some forms of empathetic motions. Guess it, describe a framing against itself in far less distance or constraining another sure guess or that….concept won’t ever meet itself actually, wearies about the significance in rounding about a commonality or obviousness in triviality or another disregarded obscure egoist misconception. Must mean illusion, beg another difference for the discontented, the purposed or disjointed by accidents or removed from by grudges or confidence in disregard that hopes beyond for the sureness to withstand passions and whim. Failures in too much sympathy, that shift to analyzing or the feeling pauses as if the caution about the roundness or the sharpened edges could jar the conferences for thoughts about types for togetherness or containment for enthusiasm that attacks a brand new thought almost immediately. Don’t respond, silence is the strongest message, the loudest reply in timing for a pause that could change the situation instead of just warp the character. At least dare to mean nothing. As if guarding oneself from the continental shifting or magnitudes in disallowance structures targeting pies in the sky or gargantuan misconception or entirely confused censure bonds for repaying the bought tin pans to their specific and compartmentalized proper, the consecrating delays or depressed pridefulness cuts left labeled in places like what’s left for myself. Likeness fears and cagey irreverent formality, and isn’t someone else supposed to work this part out?

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