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Updated: Apr 14

Variance in life, the actuality of variables in the wild and the absurdity of supposed isolation of connectivity from outside bias. The differences in defense and the actuality of senescence, instinct and imagination, intuition, the ways in which a body is attached to an environment or the ways in which environment seems to attach to the individual. The electrical and chemical reactions and conversions of space, the indicative value of that which is digested by the brain, the actuality of movement that we fill in for and the fluidity imagined in what we would probably actually see within us. The persistence of daylight and the ways in which the light within us or the light from outside of us interplay to exact the differences in the environment to usefulness within us. There’s no amount of rectifying the body goes through, this belonging or the sense of connection to the places around us is best pronounced in story and metaphor, the actuality of underlying principle in language and that which is actually accurate to it in that which we absorb as potentials or that which immediately becomes active. The idea that counting differences will ever add up to accuracy is faulty at best, similarities or differences in environment don’t add up to accurate messages or cause meaning and reason at all. The additive nature of that which is assumed connected or in some sort of continuation, and the reality of these chemical and electrical physiological reactions in imagination and mind, and the need for parable and underlying mythologies to describe and explain especially language and its continuations, but any supposed connectivity as well. The narrative chosen by outside interests will never be conducive to reality, and these additive narratives to that which happens in the wild are isolating the rustling of moths wings as though completely determinable as a cause of some disaster overseas. The ease of shallow assumptive connectivity and that which is actually working together for the whole, that does not need a false sense of isolation and that doesn’t need a faulty idea of connection to exist. Must be completely alone or entirely part of a whole, the idea of absolution in that which is assumed as though conducive in that which is symbiotic or common, the idea that deciding cause meaning and reason to these relationships in nature could be conducive to reality or the actuality of volatility and variability in nature is also faulty at best. The reality of these connections and continuances cannot be decided, indeterminable data that doesn’t need to be warped for special interests ideas of what nature should be saying to or for or about us. Remember the underlying principles in science and the the need in the human mind for myth. Myth is necessary to cognitive reasoning and critical thought: underlying principles in science and the mythologies we apply to understand the ways in which the environment interacts with us or us with the environment, while mythologizing for logic sounds counter-intuitive, it can actually be extremely accurate. And oftentimes far moreso than any special interest deciding what the environment is ‘saying’ to us through any amount of confabulated non-sense connectivity or continuer that they’ve somehow decided could be decided and have now decided they can decide for all of us. These things are indeterminable.

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