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A Parted Environment

Fairness in the paces between shape and motion comparing with time and space for indicatives useful enough to make sense. The distances beyond measurement again, and the indecisive nature of any cognitive process or perspective. Another metered distance from the time spent wondering and the words becoming themselves without thought, knowledge beyond any knowledge of our own and the invention of time to the misuses of infinitum, as though it is for us, in fact as though we must be our own inventions. Negations of free will and the idea of participation beyond any actual interaction: incurable curiosity for that which is beyond sense, the hardened facts of what has become to be expected of such inquiry and wonder. Upsets of past indicatives and the removals of self from the triumphs of anxiety, the considerations of conservation of space and the matter left to argue about universal data in anything. As though any constant could be real for long enough to matter or the differences between time and space are all that have been keeping us apart, to the sense of being able to be individualist, or separate from anyone or anything. What lovely dimensions of difference each must have or become for some sort of passing momentum. What apriory could shift its subjective gaze for long enough to concert a portion of truth to record of any sort or become real for long enough to be recognized at all, let alone with any factual basis.

The ways in which dimension presents itself to mind, presence and the capability to miscalculate and sever values of sight for vision or portions of the past for personal renditions, the fairness of the assumption of shape and the corner that turned to circular angles for moments of confused apprehension. The moment is shapely enough and continues to other ones, becomes another dimension of memory and recalls accordingly to the distances wanted or matched or kept. Decisions already made, the conditions of actual choice few, and taken the farther in the negation of will as though invented for separation from environment or fashioned specifically in each as a will to have intuitive sense of surrounding being separation and impartation. Constraining exertions of voice and inertia of idea and ideal, what care could avow itself time or space for any subject or matter for fact? The indiscernible cautionary flaunting and decisions of recovery and resilience still abound in balance and constraining indicative parts of leisure to usefulness or that part didn’t belong there, the sense of attachment to and release from surroundings and environment as a part of persona. Disenchanted miseries and confiscated time apart interrupted again, as though time and indecision were never allowed, the fullness of returning against the pull to ease or fervor, the unpleasant dissonance and in-between transitioning movement or bare decipherable want to dissect perspective or inert concertion of difference compelled and exhorted in solace and reprieve.

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