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A Tree?

The figures of significance and that which is noticed or becomes part of the background. The idea that anything could actually be out of focus to our eyes, the actuality of the transformations we make of image and attachment to environment in the focal devoid patterning of sense or reckoning. The distinctions of difference and that which is imagined connection or actuality in shadow or these tricking lenses of separation, the bi-focal departures of cross-over and the actuality of irredeocorneal angular space. These chasms of thought and the ways in which we actually digest the environment around us being in data as nutrients: the ways in which we can notice or focus on different parts or distinctions and not just a wholeness or singular partiality. To narrow down a scene to an object, there's this tree. And, the brightness of these branches could seem like any amount of connection to any other dendritic pattern in the universe, and these dendritic patterns, they are in snowflakes and rocks, too. Distinctions in the ways in which environment becomes personal, a wholeness or significance in part, that which draws attention or is easily ignored and the oblivion of obviousness. The blind-spots we give ourselves in notice, something so familiar becoming foreign to us for whatever reason. The turning of a candle inside my mind, these cross-over points of optic nerves, the pineal indicative of wanted significance in proximity, if this little structure is so close to our optic nerves...what makes sense isn't what actually works, sometimes? Wanted physiological seats of the senses, beyond the hips, Rolph, a wanted sense of culmination in a wholeness of body that may be a consortium of sorts itself. Amygdala and the conditions of pattern, order or structureless-ness in that which is beyond sense, the actuality of messengers from environment and self in the distinctions of movement within mind or these conditions of sight in these structures of assumed knowledge and apriory in that which must be connected or attached. The continuance of any amount of data isn't contingent on personal space, the data will continue anyway. Of all these particles of dust and small pressures of possible chambers in the air, why should any one of them recombine to make sense? How much does place value have to do with the efficacy and legitimacy of information? What the hell is floatin' around in here? These mirror neurons assurance that anything met with will have immediately been taken care of, assimilated to place, becoming part of a gradient and potential and pathos: as the data is being met with, it is replicated. Data as nutrients, the data itself of transference becoming the nutrient in digestive motif within mediums creating gradients of potential actions: resting, active and passive. Information reliability and that which is beyond sense, the actuality of imaginal space and the values of body to and with place, indicative ideas of body or environment, of sense and conditions of growth and confinement, the differentiation of possibility in that which is present in being non-present, in that which is actual but not entirely real to us. This faintness in the air we breathe, the high altitude escapes of negative ion inference and the values of assumption and conditions of focus. Density patterning thoughts to place, the distinctions of presence and these concentrated variants of pressurized gradient, the heightened senses and these mountainous intensities in scenery. Negative ion inference, the idea that the density of ions in the atmosphere must effect or affect the amphipathic bi-layer or phospholipid bi-layer of cells in their digestion of outside information makes sense...isolative values in the wild, these conditions of ultimatum and the significance of that which is considered part of wholeness, or partiality. A Christmas tree. The whole scene. See? Don't.

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