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Inadvertent notice, the ways in which focus distracts attention from environment and the conditioning of that which is digested but not noticed. The wanted distinctions in that which is imaginal, the cause meaning and reason behind any amount of movement or word, works or invention, the proximity in immediacy and the wanted conditions of supposition in that which must recombinate or the ways in which any amount of data or information could 'make sense' if tried hard enough, no matter the context. Indifferent measureless space, the wanted indicative nature of imaginal space, the ways in which any amount of environment could fulfill wholeness or partiality in mind, the ways in which limits applied to attention or focus demand it. Sub-conscious efforts in that which is decidable, the naso-genital complexes (Freud) of absolution in that which is underlying decision making power, and the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem pertinent or relevant. Free will and free choice in that which is actually imaginal and mental event, the ways in which any amount of postural reflex or partiality in word or works taken out of context could re-combine to lies. The interests and investments of time and space in that which holds place value and significance to any system or nature, the supposed shapeliness of thought or imagination, the ways in which any amount of shape or form could seem relevant or the partiality and imagined wholeness which could formulate a significance in pattern or pathos, the distinctions in possibility: any amount of potential is possible at any given time. Wild variability and volatility in that which is possible, the chaotic and random accident and coincident which defies error to help construct and dissipate. Formulations of movement in morphological space, the ways in which chemical and electrical transversion formulates space or pattern, void or path, the conditions of creating and the thoughtlessness to word, random and chaotic variability and volatility, a finite universe of infinite potential. The continuous possibility in anything, the basis of shapeliness in objects, and the abstraction that gets past the wanted ease of that which is seen and heard, these wanted shades of dimension in that which is possible beyond, the variance imagined in that which is supposedly commensurable to the dimensions we know, and the ways in which depth and shadow could help create dimension. Beyond measure or notice, the distinctions in space and timing of that which is potentiality and the wanted difference or similarity in any amount of data or information, curves and knots of significance, these timing factors beyond the wanted pulleys and weights of swinging or the chemical reactions accuracy in long term deterioration of time in digestion and breaking down. The wanted constants and the inconsistency of nature, these variable constructs of that which is possible, the mode or modal of different dimensions in thought or imagination, these wanted distinctions of space and the time allotted to any amount of it. The time given or noticed becoming the capability in the space or chamber itself, the ways in which timing deciphers pattern, these dendritic conditions of quickness, the wanted smoothness of continual pressure in geological scaling, the ways in which time quickens or slows and these bent corners of relevance to that which could be imaginal space. Figures of pertinent wonder, these squares transcribing to triangles, the metal between dimensions helping the shade reach shapeliness or form and recombine again to something else. Corners and edges, mighty cliffs of wonderment and possibility, the imaginal and that which is sub-conscious, the wanted timing and space in which any amount of absolution could refine cause meaning and reason for or from biased perspective for the imaginal and mental events especially, and the ways in which random chaos and variability in nature escapes wanted* conditions of stagnation. Growth and the morphological continuum of deep time, the ways in which time and space are tricked to reference and record and the importance of abstraction in any amount of data and or information.

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