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Another Dimension

Measureless distances, weighted differences and reference, these formulaic escapes and the need for free thought. Assurances of daylight and the sparks lit to extinguish on the ground, these figures of persistence and the ways in which variant wild in distortions of absolute could remove reckoning. These indecencies of space and the ways in which any amount of data or information is actually shared, the usefulness of graft, these awful grips of tension in that which is beyond. Imaginal infinitum and the source-less electric, form beyond shape, these shadows of possibility in that which is beyond dimension. The actuality of physiological construct to any action or reaction and the need for critical thought. Alignments in that which tends to work a certain way, these convenience drives and the ways in which any amount of data or information could be guessed at. Variable limits to motion and the ways in which the imagination digests environment or perspective. The ease of imagined partiality or wholeness and the revelry of figure in that which is wild variable. Weighted tensions in that which is conditioned and the ways in which mathematical reality tricks the imagination, the imagination causing reaction physiologically from imaginary space depends upon physical action reaction and function, and cannot be separated entirely from actual physiological happenstance. Gears, pulleys and levers, the ways in which actual information moves and works and that which has been removed from a natural system of mathematical sense in imagination. Variant limits on person and environment, the suggestive conditions of movement and the ways in which imagination could make anything work or seem to. Hexagons turning inside-out, spokes of dimensional turn at any point and any amount of space or distance possible or imagined in the bent corners of possibility. The wanted potential of actuality, the likeliness of shape or movement in that which is beyond sense, beyond imaginary, and beyond collective. Dreams of other dimensions, these conveniences of space and timing and the wanted referent patterns, paths and potential in that which is beyond. The electricity in the air and the ways in which movement never stops, these dimensions already present, beyond me, a curve in one dimension. Indeterminable potential in possibilities of that which is beyond, the convex or concave sidelong figures of persistence and the wanted knots of possibility in path to other dimensions timing in relevance of that which could delve beyond this space. Another dimension only knowable in complete unknowing, the paths and patterns of discovery in that which is beyond sense, these wanted figures and shapes of the potentials in other dimensions, the movements and shapeliness of path and perfected patterns in nature, these chaotic leanings of random information and the wanted mediums of separation. A separate medium of potential in transitory plane or field, silence, clarity and stillness, the sense of everything having to come from something and separate and innate ideas of fields of knowledge. Maybe there aint even nothing. The possibilities in that which is beyond and the ways in which perspective sense tries to rectify possibilities with other potentials. The nothingness is indeterminable, even then. The ways in which concern or difference in similarity or paradox could seem to help semblance or the conditioned frequencies of similarity or difference becoming dislocated in the wanted emotional landscaping in landscapes beyond dimension. Can't beyond be beyond?

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