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Totality conundrums and specificity conductions that regulate the second rate to distances between any number or space, that alias themselves to biases in patterns of consistency based on figures of speech. Distance gathered ratios to spaces between negative or positive, to guessing and neutrality, suddenly wondered at the readiness to bombard a wrong answer. Could tell anything, could believe any part of imaginary, could create any amount of fictional interaction or interpretation or inspiration to pretend at a thought, as if it would alleviate a hunger or need in curiosity. Finding different ways to ask and different questions, and or getting stuck to the same old differences. Defenses for the loss or feeling of forgetting, what extremities beyond will reach for a corrected reality, will want for a sense of self as part rather than separate. And isolated, what mysterious ideas become imparted of the sense conditioned in togetherness. Beyond, ease and praddle convert sentence structures to muck and distance severed vocabulary listings from conversion table-type emotional spectrum, give relevance in courage and comfort and take removal as such, along with silence as an answer. Regulatory figures, legends, holotypes, the exclusive and exclusions, reasons it could seem impossible to directly ask for freedom. Individualism without persistency could avoid itself the confrontation of absolutes ever necessary in the liberal anxieties of crowd share or the ways in which any amount of information will ever amount to any amount of reality. Information reliability: separatist etymological defamation in lexiphane conundrums of frustrated caging. The best it gets, sorry. Particularity conundrums in grouping or organizing according to risk assessments during cognitive processes in which the words we use to deflate overly intellectual conversation quietly excuse themselves to the relevance of shame and sorrow or hunger and overly intellectual thirst. Here, what’s left for hearing out the conversions of discovery in the measurements of scored pattern or the beyond that imaginary can be for itself. Imaginary unaware of itself, must be in some form of absence or song learning that just instinctually happens, what seems real or actual or important. Becomes parts of scenery, breaks suddenness and imagery, gives tone or meaning in wanted peace and equality: as if any particular standing point will ever give us an even enough field for that.

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