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Anything but the BOOKS...

The distinctions of direction and the ways in which any amount of shadowed edge could bend a corner, the ways in which any amount of motion could be taken out of or into any situation (or amount of data or information) and used as though applicable are innumerable. The distinctions in motion and the ways in which the brain in imagination fills in for fluidity, in Fourier transforms and the wanted timeliness of the ways in which similarity or difference in movement could trick the oblivion of obviousness in the ambiguity of validity. Pulled or pushed weight and the ways in which any amount of passive, active or resting potential in environment or body could seem to attach or reckon with that which is non-present. The ways in which any motion especially in partiality could be taken out of or into any amount of supposed context and the reality of perspective sense in place value. The variance in that which is assumed to always move certain ways and the actuality of the fluidity imagined in mind, the ways in which any amount of data or movement could be taken out of or put into any given situation and the endless ways of adaptability. We are only met with circumstances we can handle, infinite change also has infinite adaptability, even within a finite system. The idea that capsizes measureless distances and the wanted absolution of data in the idea of an ending or finite universe. The actuality in that which has endless recombinative value whether part of an ending system or not. Could there be other universes we're subjected or objected to that aren't finite? Imaginary infinitum and the possibilities in that which is beyond sense, the ways in which any amount of data or information could be guessed for, while at the same time remain chaotic, random, and beyond absolute guessing. The conditions of unrest in that which is allowable and guessed at, the ways of distraction or the horrors of supposedly shared spaces. The wanted necessity in the transcendental imagination and the actuality of lousy meta-puppetry against sense...Formulaic recurb and the distances of direction in invention and free enterprise, measureless distances of that which in any and every possibility must work at any certain given point. Epistemic normativity and the differences and similarities in any amount of data or information, adaptation and survival in that which is against sense and personal space, these indicative measures against personal perspective for a sense of hive mind and the idea of shared intelligence, the ability to forget and the need for triviality and obscure concepts. Privacy and the need for intellectual property and intellectual freedom, the ease of dilemma in wanted freedom from no threat, from phantoms of reclamation and devastation, these haunts of discontentment deciding the usefulness of anything, the regulations of personhood and the ways in which any amount of data or information or research could be misused, disused and taken out of context and away from real applicability. The distinctions in that which is beyond sense, instinct and imagination and the ways in which imagination becomes information and vice versa, the wanted absolution of conditioned weighted referral in that which has a certain movement or shapeliness that could be recognized don't actually have much to do with imagination at all. Any amount of shapeliness to any amount of movement, and the object being memorized from one angle don't matter much at all, these constantly variable objects and shapeliness always changing, always moving, always a different object in a new transform. If you could trick your memory into believing those never moving, never changing shapes mean something, that's nifty. Don't fucking try to apply it to me! Shakey monitoring systems: Consciousness has been Explained already, by Daniel Dennett. The Information has already been found, it's by James Gleick. The Case for Mental Imagery has already been made, that was Kosslyn. Humans aren't artifacts to be used for haptic sense, that has been decided and discussed already, by Trapple. Flim-Flam got called out by James Randi, The Sense of Being Stared At has already been divulged, it's by Rupert Sheldrake, and the need for critical thinking has been stressed enough, Benjamin Radford and Robert E. Bartholomew, Carol and Carol Tarvis and Wade. In hopes for information reliability and free thought!

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