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Variability and variance in that which is finite but also has infinite potential. The ways in which record and reference trick time to determinance. The differences or similarities in that which is comparable, and the underlying rhetorical situation and the wanted static and stoic stillness to dimension. The pause necessary to stillness imagined in states of matter, the wanted exactitude of morphological continuum in that which takes form according to surrounding potentials, gradients and pressure. The alignments of measure in that which is finite, imaginal infinitum and the endless potentials in even complete repetition, the same exact repetition will be different 'every time', if only for the measurement of time. The continual persistence of potential, the actuality of wanted finite timing, these conditions of investment in intervals and the potentials in any amount of swinging relevance to actual timing. The motions never accounted for in the chemical and electrical actions, reactions and functions in that which is recombinative and useful to a system. The applied or natural senses for data, the wanted accuracy in that which is actually applicable and the distinctions in space and timing that reckon relevance and potential. The wanted stillness of record and the interest and investment in that which must have an ending and be finite, but which has enough storage of data and use of it that it could continue in recombinative value infinitely. The potentials become partially imaginary and imaginal infinitum could describe the possibilities always existent for any amount of data or information. To assume we already know all we could possibly know about anything and removing uncertainty is a mistake at best, the necessity in free thought and wonder capsized by the idea that we already know, and again, if we think we already know, how will we ever seek it out? The conditions of recombinative value in that which is actually new, the wanted limits of potentials in that which is infinite: the record or reference of continuum or connectivity depends upon the will of the observer, and any number of personal decisions in supposed belonging, usefulness, or supposed dead end. The worthwhile sense of data or information, the wanted indicative nature of connectivity or recombinance and the actuality of free thought beyond assumptions of usefulness or capsizing potentials based on finite exactitude of mistaken connection. The blinking still frames of confusion in that which seems to hold place or stillness, in that which is conditioned as static, stoic, absolution, the ways in which gravity has bent beyond a constant, the wanted exactitude of human principle on natural systems. The excuse of hypothesis to take away from theory, the wanted exactitude of connectivity beyond infinitum and the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem formulaic and attached. The conditions of recombinance and the assumptions of finite conditions, the wanted conundrums of proximity as excuse for capsizing grandeur and harmful expectancy of absolution and exactitude in abstract and conceptual. Proximity to prove some finite underlying principle with circumstance upon circumstance? Any any! Proximity and immediacy in that which is supposedly connected or in continuation, the wanted actuality of infinite potentials and the tendency to want perfections of measurement. Especially upon that which is indeterminable and really has no measure beyond perspective and personal choice. Measureless conditions of unrest, the ways in which 'the' abstract and indeterminable effect or affect any system, completely decided and decidable?

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