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Be Different

The ambiguity of spaciousness and the perfect symmetries in asymmetrical potentials, the actuality of adaptation and the vulnerability and fragility of versatility. The conditions of investment and the sense of conditioning and formulaic sequestering of data: the intuitive focus of word to placement, the friction of sense and the thoughtlessness of actual workmanship and times. A senescence of all the senses, this expression can pretend to use all of them, the convenience of daylight could reflect parts of this dust within me to signify any amount of difference in the already present path and potential in gradient, resting or active. The inventive nature of change and the risk assessments in cognitive reasoning and applicative value in the instinctual. Instinct and imagination, the severity of nature and the idea of fragility being inevitable in the amount of possibilities present. The change in nature being volatile, the consistency of surroundings and the precursors of life, the decisions of placement and that which could seem to be decided by proximity. The need for analysis and wonderment in the evolution and growth of knowledge and information, the spaces fit for these shapes or the possibilities in any given spaciousness and endless varieties of variability and volatility to match. The offsetting nature of the chaos in variability and the inevitability of volatility in chance and happenstance reckoning of sense and logic in the constantly changing potentiality of path, and its usual deviations in splatter or explosion…Cation! Stop regions of meta-chromatic granules picking up the leftovers from chains of proteins made in the rough endoplasmic reticulum, the need for volatility in the constant of change, and endless variability. (endless finite imaginary infinitude?) If infinite were ‘real’ would change be volatile? Would change happen? If there is no matter created nor destroyed, and this went on to infinitude, how could change happen and how could there be any volatility? Imaginary infinitum and the source-less electric, voids of wonderment and the necessity in questioning, these possibilities of happenstance and volatility in change beyond a finite definition, that which cannot be defined nor definite but has shapeliness or void or reckoning potentiality in pattern: does imagination help change? Could imaginary infinitude and a source-less electric work to explain the volatility and versatility in these chaotic changes of nature that don’t have any actual* dependence? Source-less-ness doesn’t need infinitude, and could be part of the change in nature, that no matter is ever created nor destroyed does not mean a still stoic or static perfected picture of the universe: constant. Change. Pythagorean stillness and these phosphorus dreams of brightly shining empathetic beings. Amaeboid dreams for a Fragile Species and this cellular planets actual connections or distortions (Thomas, Lewis). The ways in which we trick time, record and reference, the conditions of growth and the variability in chance, change, and the significance of shapeliness. Fit to form, what could be? The imagination necessary to instinct and the easily confused ideas of premonition in the exactitude of adaptation. ‘We are only met with circumstances we can handle’ (Bruner, Goodnow, Austen) the risk assessments and alarm mechanisms necessary to indicative thought and focus, and the ease of misinterpretation. The space and the indicative nature of environment, the ways in which record could trick environment, and the instances of reference which try to decide meaning for messages and messengers that don’t actually need function for the actions and reactions that are actually innate and necessary. Priory, apriory and the instinctual defenses of daylight: couldn’t help being born with spots, the canopy could hide anything in certitude glance-work and allowance factoring for focus or focal devoid patterning and supposed excitement. Removal from free choice will never disprove free will: of all these things I supposedly have no choice in, of all the conditioning that my behaviors will supposedly never reach…Potentials and focus, indeterminable assurances of supposed exactitude: free will aint a choice.

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