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Fortunate enough and still skipping along the revery that allows free thought or the ideas therein, we watched them sublimate themselves and condition according to gradient from surrounding predicament or unseen assumption. Purchased in parts of daydream or considered as part of a conglomerate or collective with no options of separation, the apriory functionality constraint in variance relinquishes the facts of nothing, the parts of distress that will remain unseen when imaginary conditions or connections seem likely enough, when each and every is trying to own or borrow a coincidence of thought. Here, what inspirations! Which parts of imaginary space will forget the temptation of animation, will resist the want for humanistic projection to each inanimate object or objectifying proclamation of desired space? Transforms the space around it as quickly as it sets for another condition, these paths set for moments which refuse to be recorded, these passing gradients that cannot be measured or the actual weight of inference that allows any sort of separation to actual information from a surrounding frequency or wave to seem however useful it needs to for a moment, then expiring itself and rearranging according to autonomous space. a rake to the senses to remember the avoidance of animism, here, somewhere, these objects surrounding stayed themselves, without them and beyond any idea of self. Can’t even actually observe objects without trying to attach them in some way to our humanistic metaphor of existence, and this sense trickles over in the naming and claiming of imaginary or mental events, in the want for control over coincidence in proclaiming and naming them for any amount of specificity that could work for any amount of non-isolated incidents, that could describe itself according to ambiguity in just about any surroundings in most of the same ways. be clear, here, there are more that a few ways of looking at any given idea or conditioned collective hallucination: perspective is analogous to your own alone. it shifts with every gap in understanding, as soon as your almost feeling finished, another transform of a mysterious object beyond definition, that could be memorized for moments in certain imagined positions of static, which then contorts itself beyond even that recognition to entirely different shapes of the same assumed object. Impossible impossibilities, always moving and ever a continuance of change that allows for newness, the evolutionary anachronisms that give new paths to formulate in diversity beyond selection, or that we would like to have some sure set or predicament for, but that is chaos, that cannot be sought, that has not been hidden or disappeared. The more you seek it, the farther it is removed from you: finding nothing for medium from a conglomerate basis in idealisms of togetherness formulated to connect according to imaginary space, knowing imaginary will never be non-biased space. irrationality senses for false involvement, the idea that the inspiration could be owned or as if any could be owed for thought is a condition of collective animism that tries to claim and name others image voice, narratives dilemma, and coincidence and accident without actual participation and without permission. I wrote you into a poem once, but had to erase your name. then, I had to erase most of the poem. then, I started over and it wasn’t about you, but I could still feel the absence, so I erased it. who owns this?

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