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Never condition a beginning, itself turns for the regard of sure set values in the composition that will talk to itself and never have an ending, or never never. Wishful thinking, the condolences to repetitions or the ways in which no one would really notice it. Which parts have been left out long enough to never bear any semblance? what fortitudes of lost or missing information have never been considered or how could it exist beyond? Betterment syndromes beating at the discoveries of new ideas, the seeking out of lost causes and defense of alternatives. More room for nothing, again, these contrivances of pattern or friction in movement contain small sparks and moments of inspiration, but beyond? Which parts of imagination could form themselves from nothing? The fractions of moments in which electricity is firing beyond input as though imagined. And it is. What potentials could give obviousness to the ideas in legacy or the wanted avoidance of the descript functionality in diction that can dissect itself easily enough alone, that could never be considered alone. To escape fate, we must be soulless (E.D.), kept away, awake yet apart like so many impossible conditions of placement for the invention of the word boredom. For when thinking was a separate activity, when it could separate itself: the ways in which it still does, the places it remains to belonging or the ways in which no meaning could be guessed from any accident in semblance of idiom in other languages to have already escaped this. English does truly know. How could one possibly know with only the ideas of one? How could any language escape another, the semblance in socio-cultural idiom is curling my toe nails at the avoidance of self in potential legacy and function in diction, of that which we have supposedly hidden or that which could never have existed, and the empowerment that disempowers us in rhetoric. Just slightly shift a meaning, the importance of avoidance and the unnecessary bore of the watered down considerance and anti-nationalist xenophobia. Did you catch that?!

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