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Biolingual Feedback

Differences between sunrise and sunset, imagined a line of people all the way around the planet, each one at a time says sunrise, and by the time it gets to the end of the line, it is far from sunrise. The differences in that which could have significance and the timing of perspective and chance, these conditions in the linearity of bio-lingual feedback (Kohn's Grammar) and the ways in which timing could trick perspective to chance that isn't actual and change that cannot recombinate naturally. The distinctions in the ways in which several lines of people would say the exact same thing eventually, without meaning to, or in which a person by being out of line could seem as though they're in different timing or a separate place, if everyone got used to the series of events or expectation in what's coming down the line. Along the line, the differences or similarities in that which is in semblance don't matter as much as timing, but timing is so easily tricked, the place value of something easily changes with the expectancy in timing and the space it would normally occupy. The distinctions in neutrality and the ways in which measurement is possible in that which is conditioned togetherness or separation. A particular path in life, the significance of any particular supposed deviation and the ways in which change and chance happen in nature, accident and coincident in the volatility of change and the ways in which chaos and chance actually happen. There is nothing new under the sun, no matter is created nor destroyed, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and in a finite universe of infinite chance, the connectivity or continuance of any supposed action or reaction is impossible to decipher as part of a system. The ways in which breaking a line of commonality or expectancy especially in etymological value can upset an entire system of exchange and expectancy, the distinctions in the ways in which information and data is exchanged, the actuality of infinite lines and passing along in path of infinite arrays and recombinance in that which is possible in imaginary, the imaginary infinitum and the ways in which random and new data could be transcribed as part of old path, pattern and data. The differences in that which is concerted in practical and the actuality of change and chance, the ways in which any particular timing, if continued along many lines at once, could seem exacting at points in time of similarities and the probability of that which could recombinate to make sense from that which is not intended as communication or that which is out of context to the sense of a system or diadem or dialect could seem to fit or be in forever expectant opposition*. Impressions in soft data elicitation and the ways in which transcription of data and information happens in bi-layers of biological firmament, the differences in that which is concerted and that which is concentrated, the indicative nature of any environment and the ways in which imagination could attach to anything. We are only met with circumstances we can handle, the persistence of daylight and the ways in which an infinite line could spread itself over the earth. The distinctions in pressure and the ways in which language has shaped place value and vice versa, the indicative values of similarities and the odds of a single person claiming sunset at the correct moment. Or sunrise, and the distinctions of difference or similarity in that which is conditioned as though part of systemic etymological weight, gate, and graft in the ease of formulaic guessing and understanding, the exactitude of grammar and the cross-word fits of any situation in language. The possibilities become very limited. The distinctions of timing or space in that which is said, the sunrise or sunset of a commons in the very last in line, still seeing no sunset, having said it anyway. Oedipussy, these cycles of speaking beyond any allowance or thought of it, these pressures of insurmountable fervor for entertaining lies and the justifications of space and time in that which is real and actual. Differences or similarities in etymological values whether in biolingual feedback or not do not mean accurate measurement of value in language. Distinctions in mythology and rhetorical situation in underlying principle and poem are more accurate to experience, perspective and natural systems.

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