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Constant change and variability in that which is conditioned normality and the need for uncertainty. The distinctions in timing and the space necessary to that which is beyond it, these imaginal facets of dimension and the ways in which speculation could trick indeterminable data with decidability. The wanted difference or similarity in that which is underlying or the connectivity or continuer theory in that which reconvenes in mediums of sense to formulate chance and change within an environment. The distinctions of mirrors or boxes, these limits of absolutes in that which is imaginal and that which is beyond sense, the philosophizing crowds hive minded bias and the observational limits to any amount of data or information. The personalization of environment or assumptive secrets in manifestation of workmanship and toil, the actuality of personal choice and free will, and the necessity in choice and will. Even removal from free choice cannot disprove free will. The divination of timing or the spaciousness assumed for any amount of medium, the wanted precision in guessing games of similar instancing and the instances at which any amount of data or information could fit or work in ambiguity. Shapeliness beyond thought, the wanted formulate motion and space in that which forms dimensions of thought and capabilities in imagination, the bent corners of relevance and the ways in which any amount of data could seem to be similar or differing if taken from its actual situation, context and meaning. Assumptive weight upon that which is possible in imagination, the wanted exactitude of guessing for similarity between these dimensions and the possibility of other ones, the oblivions in definition and the limits garnered and used against sense in that which is instinct and imagination. The physiological responses caused by imagination don't make it any more real, imaginary is imaginary, and the speculations on other dimensions could have nothing to do with any imaginal space, just as easily. The wanted standards and definitions for empirical senses for data and the dreaded fears for losses in epistemological normativity, the necessity in uncertainty and abstract and the wanted wonderment and creativity in free thought. Immanence and immediacy, the ease of associative confusions in fabricative coincidence and the ambiguity of validity. Impressions or expressions of space and timing, the possibilities in other dimensions and the imaginal space that cannot be separatist* in accordance with any other imaginary space. As though physiological imagination could be separated from any other form of imagination or imaginal space, the wanted definitions of usefulness in that which has no use and is a matter of personal choice, these decidability factors in that which is personal space, choice and private decision making process. The wanted freedom from cognitive distortion which could prometheate conditions of supposed proximity, participation or paradox limits challenges or values in circumstance upon circumstance to include any amount of involuntary action, word or even haptic sense in others false association and confused abuse of reality. Imaginary is imaginary. The wanted confusions of spaciousness and the obviousness in that which is expected or conditioned and the ways in which any amount of data or information could differ or defer, could change due to reference or record and could create any amount of observational bias. Movement in imaginal space, the shapeliness of possibility and the ways in which any amount of shapeliness or space could change or had already, the conversions of space or timing or the assumptions upon chemical and electrical conversions and potential and possibility therein, the underlying principle in that which is imaginal, imaginary, imagination, mental and imaginary event and the ways in which bias and perspective could decide that which is actually undecidable and indeterminable, and cannot be forced to make sense to everyone.

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