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Referent diadems of conjecture that's assured and absolute, the definitions of daylight and the causes or reason behind anything...The differences in attention and that which is actually significant, the will to recognize or cognitively dissect something, the distance beyond idea and the excitement that causes potentials to recognize parts of self or opposition. Investments of attention and the persistence of decision making process: removal from free choice will never disprove free will. The immensities of identity in considering the conditions of environment and that which is picked up on or that which is left alone. The indecisive nature of curiosity and the willingness in fearlessness to be unknowing. To seek without the expectation of an answer, to remain as open as possible to all possibilities. Notice or care in the distances imagined for empathy or what could be taken of any singular action or postural reflex, what could be assumed of any amount of information? Removal from perspective will never prove perspective...even more ways in which machinery can pretend to escape bias while creating even worse identitarian and totalitarian models of interaction and reference...indifference and astute ineptitude, the caricatures of thought cannot be decided and are never static, the difference in any particular system to any specific person, individuality that cannot be guessed at, and personal choice that cannot be decided otherwise. Free thought and the need for personal space and individual initiative, the consternation in mythologies used to consider other's privacy, the confusions in supposed semblance and the disconcerting persistence of crowd share hive mind that is forcing attention or excitement in efforts to control or contort reality. Probably for that same mythology of control and contortion of reality that has been going on forever: psychic and fortunetelling machinery and algorithm don't interest me any more than plain psychics and fortune-tellers. Fabricative coincidence for guessing games of similar instancing and or using the ambiguity of validity to pretend to multi-plex in this multiverse don't interest me: or any other number of slimy, shallow misinterpretations of reality that are used to control and contort it to use against free will, individualism and against democratic process. The need to prove metaphysical data is usually the want to control and contort accident and coincident as though you have any part or play or could reference according to everything (and beyond)...Flim-flam excuse for inclusion as disclusion, phantom vigilantes with involuntary collectives and any excuse for harming and working to interrupt those they disagree with. Distortions of reality and the need for actuality, for information reliability and the persistence of the human will against horrifying mythology. The shards of light caught glimpses of corners becoming angles of turning figures in mindfulness for the distance concerning the actuality of shapeliness and the concern for cornering persistence in the actuality of thoughtfulness or that which could become the shapeliness of lettering or the curvature of handwriting. Sparks of inertia, these inward conditions of recombinative value and that which is truly beyond measure, the nociception of removals from the senses, the synesthesia that cannot be complete or entirely met with, the biological factors of timing or attention, of growth or the morphological persistence in pattern...That which is beyond any amount of measure, and the assumptions of absolutes that could capsize wonderment and free thought: no one else can tell me what I mean, what I see, sense, imagine or dream.

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