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Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Definitive convolutions of spaciousness, the derivative conditions of environment and the suppositions of messages or information and its interpretation. The idea of bias in that which is conditioned social norm in comparison with that which is innate or could be assumed so. The rhythms we're born with or these variant song learning traits and their adaptations. The differences or similarities in defense or reproduction, the significance of any particular assumptive message or the conditions of isolation. The isolation of wild to wild, the actuality of persistence and that which tends to grow or have placement. The excitability of data and the ways in which information can 'perform' in accordance with surrounding gradients, resting, active and passive densities of weighted referral and the distances beyond any actuality Nernst, Nyquist and Shannon even together could come up with. What of the separations? The nociception that allows me to separate myself from an environment or that which is imagined as danger or something significant that is then fully realized as something else entirely. The distances traveled in intuition and the instinct and imagination that had assumed a message of environment, the supposed purity of first thought and the ridiculousness of exactitude in record of mental and imaginary event. The contrived impressions of data and that which could be connected continues forever, infinitum may be imaginary, but if I can imagine it, the potential for infinite information is there, or at least infinite amounts of recombinative value in change, chance and happenstance. Anything could be connected if you try hard enough, the accuracy in connectivity cannot be decided by outside perspective. The associative values of data and information and the need for information reliability in freedom of association. Privacy is necessary to freedom of association and free expression, the actuality of associative conditions against these freedoms is obvious: the need for privacy and freedom of association cannot be usurped by any amount or kind or difference in data or information. Guessing for connectivity or continuer based on environment that is not shared in any way shape or form prometheates all sorts of off-set magic tricks that aren't otherwise possible. Metaphysical data is never an EXCUSE! Labido placebo tricks are nothing new, anyone hypnotized by the internet or television in their lives show false positives and false negatives in supposed connectivity. The thoughtlessness beyond, the indicative values of space and that which is absolutely decidable, if we decide we already know, how will we ever figure it out? Information reliability and the necessity in privacy in the freedom of expression: any information can be reliable, that has very little to do with privacy: the information itself can be reliable regardless of what has happened to it, privacy is not as necessary to information reliability as it is necessary to freedom of expression, and is definitely necessary to both. The conditions of recombinance and the values of place, the exactitude of learned response and the apriory of belonging. The variant pliant pressures and indicative release of space to form and shape, the figures of unrest and quieted upset continually move, change, rearrange themselves, form new possibilities and endless (imaginary?) potential. Source-less electric and the imaginal infinitum, the ways in which chemical and electrical conversions take place within our bodies, these big ideas and the possibilities in them, the significance of conversions and that which is actually solid, liquid or gas, that which is in a stated matter or that which is electrical for moments in beating path to space in light, actual shapeliness or these convolutions of melted elements in perfected stance: the possibilities of that which is beyond physiological construct cannot occur to me in anything but a physiological construct.

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