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Deep Time

Distinctions of timing, the ways of variance and the volatility in the beauty of change. The distances imagined for the movement of information and these conditions in that which is supposedly shared or connected. Kinked and knotted rope in a pulley, these corners bent to the shadows of possibility and the likelihood of other dimensions. These imaginary place values for the possibility of that which is beyond sense, the repetition in rambling coherence for that which is shapeless and has no form. The ways in which nothingness weights language and the wanted avoidance factors of persistence in formulaic variant. Measureless assurances, these vitality promises and the pronouncements of imaginal space in that which is assumed shared mental or imaginary event from environment. The ways in which perspective can trick sense and the delusions of crowds. Time like a rope that can bend any way it chooses, all made out of the same stuff, stretching and loosening at points, coiling and bent or even knotted, the ways in which time could escape a number line are endless, but the variability beyond an assumed straight line is easier for me to reconcile with a coil. How could the movement of time be similar to itself, or how could we ever notice any difference or similarity in passing? Wobbling seasons and the unrest of climates with little change, these variant possibilities in that which is conditioned and the regularity of ticking passed a moment. The fullness of presence, the wanted momentum of an actual moment, these ticking movements of measurement, the serenity in imagining measurable space beyond time or timing. The idea of stillness, clarity and silence as part of physiological construct, instances of possibilities in that which is beyond sense, these physical constructs of accident and coincident which actualizes natural growth and the wanted separate fields of nothingness, of mediums from which path and pattern could react to space. Nothingness, that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense, beyond collective, the possibilities in mediums of growth and the conditioned chambers of morphological shapeliness. Chambers vaporizing pattern in the air or just in the Earth, igneous giving room for silicates mineral growth and the ways in which globular masses coalesce in firmament to form shapeliness and path, pattern and the dendritic ends of wanted randomness. All these compounds and conversions starting in perfect circles, the ways in which pie could predict growth or the ways in which natural deviation happens automatically. Evolutionary facts, the growth toward more individuality and variance, toward more difference in smaller groups than gigantic relevance in philosophizing crowds. Deep time and the wanted similarity or difference in that which is conditioned normality or strangeness, the quickness of lightning and the imaginable slowness of sinking into the Earth, the biological factors of attachment or similarity, these weighted conditions of frequency in that which is supposed commonality in chemical and electrical conversions that seem similar anyplace. The distinctions in environment and place value, the possibilities in any amount of movement and the ways in which any environment conditions persistence to placements of ritual and routine. The conditioned unrest in that which is scattered, the wanted figures of timing and space, the environment beyond partiality or wholeness, the actuality of timing and the relevance of actual space, these amplitude, frequency and magnitude conditions in that which is moved in particulate and wave, the wanted shapeliness of timing and the wonderance for similar patterning at so many different points in nature. Underlying perfect circles, these wanted distances for diagrams of time, the circle is just too simple. And, it's already being used. In that way. Timelines of indicative nature and the need for charts and scaling of morphological possibilities, of the possibilities in shapeliness and the wanted models of usefulness.


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