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Displacements of space and the weighted timing of wonderment, the wanted significance in any amount of pause or the conditions of resting potentials in that which is meant to move. Movements of space in differences and the displacements of weight in that which is reconditioned energy, the wanted figures of motive in motion and the potential in any amount of space or timing. The wanted reference points of manifold, these spaces worth filling or the voids that could prometheate morphological growth, the wanted distinctions of space without displacement and the inevitable differences in that which is used and offset, in the ways in which distribution of weight happens electrically and the distinctions in planetary workings of variability in motion. The wanted swinging elliptical patterns in centrifugal force, these displacements of strewn possibilities and the exactitude of chambers or space conditioned for certain growth or which are pre-determined based on use, conditioned potentials and surrounding gradients in potential. Polarity charging opposing ends of swinging spheres, these imaginal conveyances of possibilities in motion and the ways in which optimization has ignored possibilities for the sake of progression. Forward motion only, these sideways glances at potentials and the limits in measureless space conditioned in that which is most efficient and effective in these dimensions we know, the ways in which guessing for others based on what we know of these dimensions leads to unfair and bogus limits to potential and imaginal reference and record. The ways in which motion is tricked by reference and record, the ease of observational bias in that which seems close or in likeness, continuer and connectivity theories in that which is possible with assumptive weight in motion, the wanted perfections of significance in any amount of imaginal shapeliness or supposed other dimensions, and the ease of assuming we already know, having never really sought it out. Entirety in motion, the conditions of assumptive wholeness or partiality and the ways in which any amount of systemic movement could effect or affect other motion and movement. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the wanted measure of these butterfly wings of supposition in connectivity and the accuracy in actuality: it is based on the will of the observer. Philosophizing crowds will never escape observational bias. The working displacements of potentials in that which is conditioned to move, in the abstraction of space and time in motion and shapeliness, the reference and record which tends to trick observation the most easily, these timing inferences of absolution based on this life or this movement or what must be known, but is known to be entirely indeterminable. The wanted speculations on other dimensions movement, the infinitum of possibility in a finite universe, these wanted linearities in that which does not actually connect nor make sense to conceptual reality, the distinctions of absolution on movement and space which cannot be known, which is indeterminable and cannot be measured. The wanted exactitude of measureless space, these supposed displacements or distinctions, differences or similarities in that which is beyond, the wanted possibility of different motion for these spaces so fit to move in particular ways, the ease of distortion in wanted distinction and the ways in which any amount of data, information or shapeliness could seem to work for any amount of supposedly attached distortion, differentiation in displacement and the thresholds of actual workability. The wanted divination of space or timing in that which is beyond it, the bias of prior knowledge sometimes getting in the way of actual discoveries or harming the necessity in uncertainty and abstraction. Polarities and differentiation in displacement values, the velocity of passive potentials and the ways in which polarities can trick significance to opposition or otherwise. Displacements in electrical and chemical conversions and the imagined significance in any amount of imaginal space, the wanted distinctions of absolution in sourceless electric and the mistake of finite solution to infinite potential: marked displacements of data or information and the ways in which any amount of motion or space could be taken out of context. If we think we already know, how will we ever seek it out?

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