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Dissonance in shadow

The movement of static

Soft, soft crackle

Spit, spoken softly

Poetry we sat and homemade

Rubbing our hands over the gaps in distance

Plummeted by the letting off in sequence of charge particles


There's a rhythm to this

Close by my ear, like, is this okay?

And If I glance at you this way

Can it resonate that these silences

Of interstitial space are charging us with

Unused actions and the smallest touch feels like

Static to atoms

Particles dance wave to the conversions our minds make

Compensations for lonely and propositions like high-ended

Prepositions to pressupose a position in posture sufficient enough

To glance over

The twining of ions

Convergences that make you want to reach in like that

Feeling of

Ionic ironic synchronicity

Catacholamines dive bombing to the resonance in unseen stimulus

It's a coincidence, the proof is in the disproof

Of the theory

A sense for feeling

The gradient potentials in action


Out of it

This already exists, existed as a chemical path with electrical inferences

As possibilities to understanding them

Resonance, something to connect with

Jjumbled parts and alphabet letters

With magnets stuck to the backs of them

Stick this in your...


2014, AMN

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