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Driving to and from Walden

The sky was brightest parting in rain, the sky behind so nearby still. These same ranges reaching so far along a divide. Outcroppings and mounds in strange opposition to the curve of mountains. Wanted to obey horizons of dark clouds today, this afternoon—worked such dark saturation and light from their shape, that contrasted in aqua the dark purple and maroon branches of willow: contrast the bright yellow and deep orange interruption of aspens. Abrupt colors jolt the mountains and hillsides to calm recollection of hay fields, of this bright yellow and gold, the vibrant depth in the colors of the sun, the strangeness in what is left in its leaving, all these hues of the same color radiant in prism. The depth of hue and saturation for gray scales, the horizon to one way darkened by storms and oncoming night, to the other direction brightened by the same night: parts of light given to the night in color, these glances of changing seasons and the suddenness in flashes, variations in this motion of volatility and beauty in change, the loudness of scenery. These rabbits change to match the snow, this sunset changes like the seasons changing these leaves, imagined the ugliness of a cocoon or the alien shapes of worms and caterpillars, the vibrant beauty in change to a moth, a hummingbird moth, the suddenness and beauty of a rainbow above a wet highway beside a cliff surrounded by bright aspens. This rainbow followed the road, hid behind layers of trees and hillsides, seemed to be so close, could almost pull off and touch it at a certain point, but this promise worked in the distance all along the highway. A prism of color and light that remained behind the depth of trees the entire way home.

Differences in distance and color, the volatility in change in nature, the beauty of change and need for beauty in change and the beauty in some natural volatility, the ruthlessness and strange distresses in nature, repetition and the distances beyond thought in the focus of pattern and path to shapeliness and form. The contrasts of notice in change and that which could seem similar, sunsets and aspen leaves, the probability someone may have noticed before, the differences in discernment of sameness and the actual voids and spaces of path/pattern and shapeliness that help formulate particulate and light, the differences in solid, liquid and gas, the convergence patterns in morphological beauty in nature and change...

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