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Elliptical Swing

Attitudes of space, the definitive measures of pressure and timing and the conditions of recurb and balance. The frequencies of triviality and the unquestioned measures of elliptical swing, the differences or similarities in that which could reckon differences in gearing timing and the ways in which vertical lines tend to lead one along. The abstract and conceptual possibilities in movement and the ways in which quartz mining in v-shaped conveyors promised the alignment of so much avoidance of friction. These portions of condition and the wanted escape in a wholeness imagined working, these interstellar planetary alignments of avoidance and the differences in recurb from that which is active, resting or passive in motion. Constant motion, these ideas of timing accordance in knots and the differences in actual stillness or the wanted figures of invention and possibility, of free thought and free enterprise. The distinctions in relent and figures of frequency in wave taken of or from other or this catche, the ways in which any amount of terminal void could seem connected or attached to grounding or relative connectivity. The promises of questioning and the willingness to be in the wrong, the ways in which mechanical engines prove endless error...Intake, compression, combustion, exhaust: these eases of thirds and assumptions in bi-decimal, the necessity in underlying pressures and the sequences of perfection in that which has doubled over itself in additive continuance. The wanted hexagonal notion of thirds and that which must underlie most pressure, the missing figures in that which could fit a bi-decimal and the need for alternative. Don't sweat the copper. Pressured systems of air and water, the figures of persistence and the ways in which convenience in courage and comfort confront the tinsel strengths in atmosphere, the wanted electricity in the air, these sparks of refinement and friction and the ways in which diesel combusts in pressured chambers. Morphological underpinnings of pressurized chambers in that which is formed in the gaps of igneous rocks in mineral or the wanted chambers of pressure forming snowflakes of vapor, chambers of potential or just containment. What parts of containment value add to potential or garner growth, what parts of environment could be limited by nature? Mathematical reality and the actuality of applied or natural sciences, the wanted universal conditions in gravity, Be Safe By Being Cautious: the Cavendish Family Motto, these assumptions of absolutes and the ways in which these imaginal applicative values in mathematical potential could carry passed any amount of actuality in the supposed safety of numbers. Twin ellipses spinning in opposite directions above two coils charged each one negative and positive, to neutral swing: imagining possibilities in motion, these planets knowing too much of their own inner pressure, always sharing it by accident and confusing the rings for random and chaotic. The perfected patterns in nature, these wanted indicative values in that which is beyond, the underlying hexagonal promise and these conditions of variability and change in the wild. Nature evolves toward more individuality and difference, limits itself in genealogy? Purpose in survival and the ways in which change necessitates beauty and volatility, the ways in which conditioning and environment condition motion and limits, the wanted pressure and frequencies of different motion, always relative to other motion. Even purely electrical 'momentum' has a physiological condition and construct: metaphysical data is a physiological construct. These inescapable shapes and the wanted idea of zero, even if it aint a number. These wanted escapes of theoretical transitory plane in silence, clarity and stillness, an idea of that which is beyond any chemical or electrical reaction, action or function, an idea of a separate but innate plane or dimension of nothingness...Imaginary is imaginary.

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