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EveryOne Out Here MUST LOVE...

Picturesque landscapes, the shapeliness of thought and that which tends to reconcile in the imagination. The distinctions of placement and the values of perspective based on surroundings or that which influences body in paths of sourceless electric and imaginal infinitum. Familiarity and that which becomes comfortable, focus and the attentions of that which captivates, the ways in which beauty manifests difference and defense. The volatility in beauty and the necessary conditions of unrest. Portions of places I've been in memory and not the plain air of the scenery itself, these separations of matter from the definitions in path within me. These paths all meet each-other someplace. The allolochemical predicaments of space and timing, these underlying chemicals semblance and the same amount of hydrogen in any environment will never mean any amount of continuer nor connectivity. The distances imagined in mind and the tree I could fit within this physiological space, the size of electricity in that which communicates possibility and change. Trivial conditions of that which is often obscured or goes unnoticed, and the ways in which attention can be taken or given. The given, a release from the oblivion of obviousness and the lacking portions of repitition in sameness and rambling that can't bother nobody. Points of interest, the distinctions of placement and the ease of signs in the wilderness, mistaken immensities and the challenges of being constantly surrounded by enormous beauty. These risks and their assessments in the challenge of difference and place value in that which seems so inviting but which looms without a summit reached. Thin air escapes of that which becomes common knowledge to any place and that which will forever escape any commons. If I could memorize the curves of hillside, the mountains stern rock faces and the ways in which moss hangs onto its colors in the wintertime, I would still appreciate the ability to forget. These places settling in me, the distinctions of lining out a horizon and these jagged ledges of that which is seen as beautiful, and the volatility often overlooked in the process of noticing something that changes extremely slowly. These senses continual development of space, the conditions of invention and that which conditions sight to Grand ideas. The indicative portions of daylight being the same anyplace, the lack of rain no reason to be outside, impression and expression of environment and place value will always change, these seasons are different anyplace and the landscape can't decide that much of wanted beauty. What majesty, these Rocky Mountain highs, the graft of a sunrise or set, these similarities or differences anyplace and that which really inspires or conditions unrest. These ideas have always been here, and no place else, these ideas have always been elsewhere, and can blame the mountainsides for the inspiration of paths already taken and remembered. The distinctions of measureless distances and the wanted giving let of that which is beyond definition. The rivers constant washing over and grinding down of valleys to place, these endless years of diligence for the sake of motion, the creek bed softening down to the runoff and moving corners around bends in impossible limits of mountainside, in all of that which seems as though it cannot be moved. Deep time and movement in almost stillness, a solid movement of time to imagine the quickness of lightning while imagining the slowest moving morpheous rock and sendiment inching for centuries. Falling or rotting fruit, it's chemotaxis, zeeman, these places beyond measure and the wanted indicative weight of possibility. The distinctions of timing and space, these places for light beyond perspective and all of that which is worth noticing but forever remains beyond it. The wonder in rural electrical initiatives and the years of consistency in that which is known or unknown of environment or knowledge itself. Rural cultural intellectual autodidactia, these places know the...

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