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For or From the Silence Bordering Imagination

The limits of imagination, the recurb of decision making process and the conditions of actual interaction or exchange. The actuality of thought, what separations could be imagined for imagining space and focus, for the differences in what is real information within my mind and what is actually imaginary, what the mind could make of any supposed fact or any instance within seconds; wonderment. Static clinging to the ether, sparking relevance. The dignity in nature, the beauty: the honor the burdens of survival, the mean and intense and hunting. Truth, goodness, asthetics, the moral groundings of perspective interpretation and personal belief, the distrust in beauty, waiting for the trap to close its mouth around such beautiful color and wonderful scent. Animals are at their very best when hunting or hunted, the focal devoid patterning of stress and the divides created in risk assessments and global alarm mechanisms. The cultural stigmas that add to the confiscation values of interest and investment, analyzing figures of worth or worthiness, the ruthless stealing sense of connection and connectivity, this taken from sense of usefulness, the wringing ‘nothing new under the sun’, the releasing imagining the day when we have actually said all there is to say. Silence as boarders to thought, to imagination, the cushion of quiet and the need to imagine that in a universe of constant sound and motion (and change, and exception), that there could be places physiologically that are actually silence. Searching thoughts for silence itself, the left alone consistencies of wonderment and its meaning, the decisions we have already made without making them, the distances between thought and imagination…

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