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Free Thought!

Absolution of shapeliness and the conditioned measureless worth of that which is focused or the distinctions of that which seems accurate or likely compared with the actuality of underlying principle and real science. Daylight sparking patterns to significance, again, the ease of decision and the persistence of formulaic concentrate, these portions of daylight in thin air and dense negative ions, the wanted points of conjecture in that which is beyond sight, these assurances of the ways in which these messengers and ghost cells interact with the environment or body within it, these concentrated excuses of that which seems to work or should but just really doesn't. The negative ion generators and the graft of that which is motive force and the phosphate backbones to dimmers in reasonable doubt. The excitements of notice or care, these distinctions of timeliness and dis-concern for limits of space and time that don't make sense. Variable limits of considerate refusals to notice or be carried away, triviality and the need for being in the wrong, the refusal to decide and the necessity in patient toil. The distinctions of symmetry or the actuality of asymmetry in natural beauty, change, any perfect pattern in the natural environment becomes warped. All this wobbling through space, these parts of daylight spread thin and wandering the heights of seeing breath hung to mid-air. Of all the partialities and imagined wholeness of environment, the endless entanglements of possibility and change, change in instants of volatility and beauty, which parts reckoned with me for sense or persepective automatically or consciously? A form to fit any pattern, a pattern for any symbol, a symbol for any....non-form. The conditions of congruency in that which is part of environment and symbiotic enough to survive. The volatility in change and the perfections of that which has been assumed a natural system and applied many times as though natural to find that it is too much imagination...The indicative nature of that which is applied or natural, chaos and randomness, the asymmetrical lean that makes any perfect pattern and any amount of natural symmetrical pattern possible. These wanted lines drawn between that which is natural pattern in asymmetry and that which seems unnatural in supposed perfections. These snail shells and the falling away portions of movement, the fluidity imagined and what becomes pretty to see actually move, but seems ugly outside its natural environment or in other movement. The distinctions of that which concentrates shapeliness to placement, the figures of unrest and the decisions supposedly made for us. The divination of daylight in patterns of spark, the dimming efforts of thymine in sugars, the concentrates of that which formulates newness or these same exact particles and masses of them have always existed, will always exist, any semblance in them is inevitable. These careful paths of formulaic wonder, the exacted figure-less weight of that which has decided not to, and the justice of sense in the Courage and Comfort of existing. Decide not to decide, the distinctions in daylight and the curiosity for environment can't decide, either, these ways of will and the distinctions of that which could ever be supposedly beyond it. Which part of willful, perspective mind noticed every single breath I take, every time source-less electric sparked a thought in me or every instance of imagination...All these reactions that have ever happened within my body remain, and may be changed, but remain all the same. The differences or similarities in supposed chemical and electrical conversions and the wanted contortion of electric from a biological sense is nothing new. The distinctions of reality in that which is actually medium or containment, these currents of never stopping juice, the constant inconsistent flow of differentiation, constantly varying portions of planetary weight, and the ways in which mechanical movement supposes electrical impulses. The split seconds of decision beyond it and the reflexes of imagination and instinct, the premonition necessary to survival and concentrates of Free Thought.

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