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Variant chance in change and the ways in which any amount of information could be taken out of context based on observational bias. The orange willow reaching up to the sky, these dreams of the ways in which a plant might dry or become dormant differently than ever expected, the pressed bleeding hearts turned purple in the press, these limits of interest or investment in that which is known and the allowance of certainty in any amount of data and information. The certitude of abstracted concepts in that which is indeterminable and the need for uncertainty in critical thought. Divinations of timing and space, these indicative values of intervals in scaled accordance to unnatural and applied systems and the actuality of change, possibility and infinite potential as part of a finite existence. The relegated measures of space or these concentrated investments of timing the portions of daylight worth seeing or the parts of censorship that must be protecting...the wanted control and contortion of data and the ways in which any amount of information changes based on storage and movement. Any movement adds data, the distinctions in difference and continuation, the absolution of quantity or quality and the persistence of chaos and random, indeterminable data. The variability of choice or chance, any way in which any amount of supposed decision could actually take place or the relegation of choice and chance to sequestered assumptions of underlying cause meaning and reason beyond any actual underlying principle in science. Circumstance upon circumstance in observational bias will always prove itself correct or corrected. The measureless worth of possibility or potential and the decidable usefulness of any amount of space or data: the conditions of interest or investment and the quartered allowance of information in accordance with any amount of applied or natural system, these conditioned systemic attributions and the wanted excitability of hypnosis in any amount of claimant musing or apriory, the relegation of indicative measures in that which in measureless beyond personal perspective. The coincidence and accident that must be choice, that must have free will and be decided upon in that which is applicable to potential and that which is far beyond any amount of perceived potential or numerical sense of space and timing. Imaginal space beyond any homeland (Heidegger), the ways in which any amount of postural reflex or conditioned response could be taken out of context and given meaning that was never meant or reason that was never intended, the ways in which free will could take it from others in assumptions of reckoning space and timing indicatives of supposed continuation or connectivity, the endless possibilities in potential, these conditions of assumptive measure and the ways in which any amount of free will in choice and understanding of personal actions and personal space could be taken for granted or used against you. The wanted recognition of coincidence or accident as that which is not error, but part of a natural system, which cannot be controlled nor contorted by bi-decimal cult confusions. Others free will in assuming connection or connectivity cannot be as important to me as my own perspective and sense therein. I can only have perspective analogous to mine own perspective alone (Charles Hinton), removal from free choice will never disprove free will, nor garner any power for those perspectives that would try to decide mine. The wanted difference in defense or understanding in the oblivion of obviousness and any amount of guessing games for similar instancing or using the ambiguity of validity to pretend to multiplex in a multiverse, always in accordance with biased systemic bi-decimal concentrate and always in accordance with the will of the observer (Leonard B. Meyer). Revelry and free thought, the wanted excitement in change, chance and that which is beyond perspective, beyond imaginary, and beyond sense.

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