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Shrugged, saw corners worth filling with empty sighted

removals for the processor,

the ticks between or the rhythm of both hands

guessing for the wonder left hiding itself as if lost

or crumbling from the safety points for the vantage of grounds

borrowed for the tunneling mechanics and lost frolickers

like something to worry about again,

or some hopelessly unfair seeming connection

this must have been yourselves

feel some form of closeness or the closures we limit

will destroy us

grapple for time and space that isn’t yours

that will never be near you

as if any knowledge has it’s own institutions left alone

and any leave must be reckoned with and pardoned

or punished with empirical sense

responsibility and supposed responsiveness

that same bad luck syndrome

none of us will stick to our parts or places

and they still blame as if the mistakes were ours

to begin with

to begin with

beginning again

trace yourself new forms of newness and now

of the hottest or most frictional or easiest to get away with

but still very dangerous

triggering accidentals for resembling against the possessions

what are we thought for ourselves

conglomerate misgivings and rigid edges to fall off of

the entirety

recall the mesmerizing hypnosis and repeatedly disgusting

manipulations of flesh and unswerving

abuse and emotionalism victors with stuck gears

vengeance relegation swerves and tired grasping toward imagination

here, the paranoid brain injured

criminality factoring especially for freedom to all the captives

they’ll never get it, I have no options and any opinions

eaten again this giant machine discussion and disgust

relief to ourselves in thoughtfulness intention alone

if you think you are helping

there’s no amount of process that could bring closure

or closer the day justice is actually winning

for people, humanity

rampant dis-care and quickly regarded disjointing desecration

quickly and to the thorough back around again to smash and scatter

like whatever it takes

reliability nature, knowledge can’t matter too much to us

we have to fit our pre-existant scaling and diagram

legends and holotype and homonym

escape for thought

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