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Tensions in elliptical swing, the ways in which a gear could move these planetary conditions and the wanted weight of pressure in forms of turn and torque to the shapeliness in movement imagined. The fluidity of motion and the ways in which imagination compensates for space, the indicative measures of balance and perspective in that which is constantly moving. The inconsistencies in electric, the ways in which any amount of that which is not seen nor observable could move and the relegating perspectives of the dimensions we know. These figures of conditioning and the wanted ellipses freed from the weights of unfair tension, the gaps between any amount of gearing and the wanted space in which potentiality forms. Gaps in reasoning, the ways in which a corner could bend to sight or the magnitude of the ways in which a gap or space is presented or manipulated to reference, record or movement. The natural movement of growth, the slowness of actual time and the ways in which motion measures limits of space, the timing of a root system, the slowest possible sinking and the bright impossible quickness of electricity. The wanted forms of measure and the need to go faster and faster, the necessity in that which is slower and the need for better limits of recombinance in the extremities of possibility. The wanted fastest motion could be actual stillness in a universe of constant motion, thinking of relativity in motion and speed, the need for slowing curiosity and triviality, the timing and its tuning to the relevance of possibility and potentiality, always reaching toward faster instead of seeking out the limits of travel and speed in that which could balance and work toward efficiency. The ways in which any amount of applied or natural movement could be qualified or quantified, impossibilities of reach and timing, the secondary or primary fittings of variability and the torqued pressure of wanted thrust in that which seems to be only space or stillness. These endless potentials and the conversions of electrical to chemical and chemical to electrical reactions in that which is beyond reckoning or the supposition of necessity in that which is limited to inaccurate extremes. Portions of daylight and the wanted particles masses for the waves forgetfulness in attachments that are inevitable, the ways in which any amount of particle or wave could separate or condition timing and the need for alternative wonderment and free thought. Imagined perfections in separations of wave and the ways in which any amount of difference could seem real in any system of gears in weighted reference of motion. The gaps worth filling or the pressured moments of indicative nature and the actuality of randomness in potentiality before any actual movement. Potentially, anything: potentially, already crash landed on Mars. The amplitude, magnitude and frequencies of these forever potentials in particle and wave, the wanted exactitude of spaciousness and the reality of electrical charge. Source-less electric and the imaginal infinitum, curiosities and the wonderment of motion, of timing and the space in which anything could actually take place beyond a qualified or quantified perspective. The moment of actual momentum and the random, chaotic measureless distances for gaps in timing, for the wanted gearing elliptical swinging in the universe and the differential possibilities in movement and alignment. The concentrations of space and the ways in which any amount of potential could break free of a mold...The distances conditioned or imagined in that which is fluid and moving, the wanted recognized patterns in potentiality and the ways in which space effects or affects motion or vice versa. The gaps left in igneous for silicates, the imagined chambers for pressurizing crystalline form in vaporized rain to snowflakes, the wanted space, time and distance in that which is actual: similarities or differences in that which is imaginary or information, the ways in which something moves and the abstractions of places beyond a planetary system a gear could move. Brand new, the wanted alignments of possibilities in motion and the ways in which something could be imagined or engineered and the actuality of nuts and bolts.

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