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Indifferent interests in the surroundings of chance or the causes of supposition in superstition and the ever present ephemeral significance that issues itself according to allotments of interest or investments of time. The avoidance of avoiding and the refusal to focus on any particularity for the cause of chance in frames outside those that would need stricter focus and reverent attentions. That which is beyond to remain forever bound to legend or myth, to cantankerous decisions in limits of space and the times needed to incur meaning and give time worth. The indecisive contortions of space limited to fractions of person or only partiality of surroundings, the need to be of and for and in use of everything, anything and beyond. For every mountain range that could be piles of curves and hard angles in rudimentary shapes, that must be only of primary colors and that is absolutely certain of itself and the containment of daylight assumed and used against the need for free thought. Prisms flashing bright arrays of chance and sectored pardons of hue in blending passions of conditioned inertia and impositions of unfairness and concern: any other place a thought could fathom itself, as though there must be particular locale or specific absolute function to assume and use against sense for the sake of determinant mythology and absolutist ultimatums of time and space. Disarray and the overlapping chasms of space convened in any single sight, the let alone preponderance of vastness beyond measure and without any certainty beyond being uncertain, the constraint in limitlessness and the angular spaces of possibilities misconstrued in any glance or even second glance: the ease of distortion and the implacable conveniences of mythology and the usual permissions of person and consolations to any independent thought or self-pride. Ministries of thoughtful absolutes and entrapping ultimatums of process for any amount of freedom of expression or free thought. Decisive inconclusive measureless in-treatise of thought and fathomed distances beyond measure, of the incessant need to know and the refusal to assume knowledge.

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