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Illusive constructs of daylight, the imagination and instinct exacting chance and change in natural systems. The attention given to any system and the inevitable adaptations and potentials garnered from any amount of surrounding environment and or its influences. Imaginal infinitum and the source-less electric natural difference or similarity in light from within or without, the distinctions of timing based in focused removals of space in indicative measures of zero and imagined shapeliness in that which is beyond any sense. The portions of shape and potential in that which is imaginary, the wanted exactitude of transcendental non-existence: shape and form, the wanted fragments of possibility which could be a bend or corner to any amount of space or timing, the forms beyond shape, these variable reckonings of limits in variability and the spaces worth filling with potentials fit to any amount of ambiguity. The portions of shapeliness imagined as congruence, these leaning rock faces covered in orange moss and different from any other mountainside could find something in common with any one of them, too. The distinctions of space and timing in that which is morphological and natural change and the ways in which surrounding enclosures manifest portions of shapeliness, the wanted standards of morphological underpinning and the chambers or voids or spaces worth filling with surrounding potentials. The data as the nutrient, the work to move data or information part of the nutrient itself and its movement always creating some form of sound or adding data and information in some way or another. The paths of morphological conditioning and the wanted underlying principles of space being taken up by path, the wanted difference or similarity in natural or applied system and the variance conditioned in the possibilities in chance, change, and a morphological continuum. Assumptions of path or void, the wanted variance in surrounding potentials and the variability and volatility of WILD information, the space worth filling and the need for constant change and growth. These constant inconsistent variances in life and the evolutionary growth toward more specific individuality, in accordance with environment and surrounding influence. The measureless worth of space or void, of that which has potential anyplace and the guessing for growth in silicates, the geological time scaling of change and the slowest imaginable movement in that which tends to evolve and work within a system. The word or breath imagined in that which is space or void, the origins of morphological movement and the base elements of indecision in any amount of mineral or rock. The exactitude of variability in guessing from perspective or conglomerated perspective at chance, change and the possibilities therein, the distinctions of timing and space, indicatives of motion and the ways in which deep time tricks motion to imagined stillness. These solids still moving, the electricity we actually connect with between particles part of the illusions of objects in space, part of the obvious need for shapeliness beyond object, abstract and conceptual figures of possibility and invention. The randomness of scaling the wanted variability of measure in that which is moving but has almost no actual motion. Growth, the slow quickness of relative wait, the weight of gravity upon falling or rotting fruit and the paths of indicative worth deciding or leaving to 'natural devices', the apriory in measurement for the ways in which growth takes place, movements of space and timing to particular masses of potential: amplitude, magnitudes and frequencies of spacial differentiation and the endless possibilities in that which is imagined and applied to a natural system in growth.

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