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Shapeliness in pattern and path, the wanted underlying morphological sense to space and time, the surrounding gradients and potentials present in chambers or voids to be filled with other data and potentials, branching dendrites in midair or from the soil seem so similar sometimes, the wanted variance in life and the chaos of volatility in change, the necessity in beauty for growth and asymmetrical timing wobbling possibility and reach. The distinctions in geometric shapeliness and the ways in which partiality could trick perspective to a sense of wholeness. The divination of timing and space, the wanted similarity or difference in any amount of natural system having a gravitational constant, spinning in space, and the ease of perspective bias upon that which is connected or in continuance. The dendritic rock formations didn't have to get that from the leaves. Might be alien. Everything does not attach to everything, the simplicity of a triclinic form can be found throughout nature, that does not necessitate connectivity nor continuance with other structures. The pattern, path and shapeliness of form especially in geometric shape cannot be limited to similarity nor difference. Even parable to grow beyond duality or dichotomy won't truly suffice. The wanted limits* or escapes* in that which could be attached or connected, the wanted spinning of photons on opposite sides of the planet and the number of viable variables in any supposed constant or and inconsistency. The wanted measure of difference cannot prove similarity, nor difference in any sense of connectivity, the declension of possibility in cross word variability in that which could suffice and make sense but which doesn't actually prove nor disprove anything. Closures of closeness and the actuality of variance in natural systems warped by applied systemic reach, the disclosures of measurability and the indeterminable actuality of perspective, sense, and free will. The supposition of determining factors in that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense and beyond collective for that which MUST be attached or connected and the ways in which any amount of data or information could seem attached and at the same time, completely unrelated. The ambiguity of validity and the fearlessness in surrealism and abstraction, the conceptual dignity in perspective and the necessity in free thought and thinking for yourself. Think. For. Yourself. It's chemotaxis, Zeeman! The distinctions of measureless space and the Nernst, Nyquist, or Shannon equation sparking relevance for a semblance of chance to make sense enough to mark change to applied systems which could create supposed change at any given point of time and or space. The isolation of space and time in assumptions of timing upon space that is not contextual, and or in spaciousness or enclosure which has nothing to do with current timing or indicative time in accordance with environment and perspective sense. The warping of viable measure in constants and universal applications and the necessity in individualist perspective. The orders chaos gives, the ways in which any applied system could compensate for natural chaos and the ways in which any amount of information could seem to help or hinder any wanted effect and or affect. Growth in attraction and rejection, the wanted underlying forces and higher powers in that which must gravitate to place or reject any other, the actuality of attraction forces in that which is rejected, the wanted measurability of closeness in distance and the wanted similarity in difference all amounts to about the same masochistic confusion: always being in the wrong leaves no room for error. Error will always exist, and is not necessarily attached nor connected to accident and coincident. Especially in natural and not applied systems. Juniper boughs hung heavily with mistletoe, assuming anyone whom could walk nearby could love the mouth of whoever hangs out underneath the tree, could imagine the mistletoe helping somehow, while it takes the life from a Cedar tree growing. The mistletoe is so much more beautiful than most other parasitic growths, these flowers beckon lovers and the burning Juniper rejects most visitation. Imagined closeness or closure, similarity or semblance and the actuality of growth in natural systems. If it don't really 'work', it will probably still grow. Growth isn't an allowance in natural systems, it just happens, and the will to survive and exist will outdo almost any ecosystems natural balancing. The sagebrush seems to work just fine, here, as old as the scotch thistle brought in suit cases for the textile uses. As long as it grows and has use, it must be beneficial, must be allowed, must need to exist. Here. Right.

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