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Guessing Games

Infinitives of space, these conditions of unrest and the ambiguity of curiosity. Fearlessness in the willingness to be in the wrong and the need for free thought. The divination of timing and space, the oblivion of obviousness again and the need for difference and defense. The actuality of environment and the perspective sense of crowd bias or hive mind in the actuality of that which is beyond sense and according to perspective. The wanted absolution of interpretations in that which is of environment or body and the need for actuality in that which is according to the will of the observer. Removal from free choice will never disprove free will. The distinctions of memory and the ways in which any amount of knowledge or postural reflex could be taken out of context, deriving meaning that was never meant or giving intention that was never felt. Concern for revelry and the distances imagined for imagination, these limits of supposed spaciousness and the conditions of unrest in that which is normality or conditioned norm. Exacting mythology and the actuality of rhetorical situation and parable in that which is actual, underlying principle and trivialities in curiosity for that which is possibility. Potentials in concern and the wanted absolution of indicative or space and timing of mental and or imaginary event. The distinctions in that which is beyond and the wanted control or contortion over data or private space is nothing new, the actuality of free thought and its postural reflexes will never be a decided actuality. The guessing for similar instancing upon involuntary space and person creates indeterminable data that is not for use. The volatility of indeterminable data aint my fucking problem. The actuality of potentials or the need for reckoning of mental and imaginary event in that which is taken from or given to, a given thing, here, these conditions of supposition in indeterminable data and the fact of perspective sense. Imagined analogous attachments beyond will, the reflexes of supposed togetherness and the actuality of that which is conditioned and hypnotic, the subconscious figures of measureless space, these indicatives of timing to assume the measure of bias, or to try and escape bias as though a hive mind or crowd could. Connectivity and continuer, the ways in which any amount of chemical or electrical reaction or action could be taken out of context to derive conditioned meaning, cause or reason, or to supposedly attach to another are unending. The ways in which possibility inspires cannot be decided by outside perspective. The ways in which any amount of information or data could effect or affect a natural system, the amount of variability in the wild and the ways in which volatility in nature operates in accordance with natural systems in mathematics, and the ways in which these natural systems could be tricked or upset by guessing games and ambiguity in multiplexing. Differentiation and difference, the conditioning of industrialized society and the ways in which the brain has already been tricked to circumnavigate the persistence of social pressures. Information reliability and the supposed need for indicative measures of private space, the facts in that which is supposedly shared or that which must have recombinative value and the actuality of mystical claimant values for space. One of the first things most mystics completely disregard with their supposed gifts is fucking privacy. The need for free enterprise and invention, the right to work and the freedom of expression all depend upon PRIVACY! Endless wars over indeterminable data, turf wars over imaginary space that isn't even that, but fucked meta-puppetry...endless games of who's quoting who or who's left or who's leaving, who's the tether or originator, Poe or Boudelair, identity and confidence games, these conditions of unrest and the variant capabilities in claimant muses are nothing new. Locke, Hume and Jefferson wrote against them, especially against phantom vigilantes and involuntary collectives. Freedom of association is something that privacy also affords, and the deciding of imaginal space or indicatives in that which is mental and imaginary event with no option for interest or investment from outside perspective, let alone the perspective of whatever involuntary would be necessary, is dangerously stupid. Free thought!


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