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The invariable concertion of conditioning and the significance in any amount of connectivity or assumed continuer, the differences or similarities in that which is compared as though belonging to a wholeness, and the necessity in indicative beyond assumptions of wholeness in meaning cause or reason in the underlying principle. Almost like rhetorical situation, of the situation, character and figure involved in whatever environment. The want for actuality beyond difference and in actual differentiation of reality and mental and imaginary event. Absolutist conditions for the separations of imagination from information don't make sense or exist, but the distinctions of mythology and interpretations of rhetorical situation can devise actuality in reference or record. These suppositions of exactitude in formulaic writing, the repititions of concern in that which is beyond, in that which is assumed of body or belonging environment...Thoughtlessness beyond indicative, these shapes assumed of imagination and the actuality of shapeliness beyond actual form. The assumptive conditions of that which is imaginary and imaginal in the difinitive convolution of context and the necessity in free thought, freedom of expression, and especially in privacy. These shapes for my thoughts will never be chosen for me, the distinctions in guessing games in formulaic and repititive data are nothing new, the reality of free will is not a decidable factor, but I don't need free will to be against epistemic normativity, nor do I need free will to expect Freedom of Association.

The wanted beauty in nature, the actuality of asymmetry and that which is actual change, naturally: the beauty and volatility in change and that which is accident and coincident creating perfect asymmetry in natural change, the assumptive conditions of pure or applied science and that which is part of or supposedly seperate from nature. What telling chaos could define a system like the Dewey Decimal as though pure or applied? What exactitude of supposed asymmetrical or volatile change could signify a decent enough synthesis to be considered symbiont?

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