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only when prompted, these tales leaving themselves behind for the comfort and ease of character portrayal in narrative rather than autobiography: asked itself again for the leans in limit to the use of ‘i’ or the need to avoid it. There are permissions for names or thoughts that attach to the ideas of attribution, that originate the concept of naming something at all, or that are left to gather after the insecurity and fear syndromes. When first meeting another, the last thing to offer is your name: what defines these postures and reflexes that perform me? I move my hair to the side, bite my thumb, play with the bit off nail in between my teeth, fiddle with the zippers on my boots or fix my glasses impatiently. wringing or the resting causality of thought: the conduction of memory as performance of postural etiquette, the ways in which we remember ourselves, compared to the ways in which we actually behave or the actual attitudes we have. We had decided our destined limits already, had contrived the movement long before its limb, had discovered the twitch before we noticed doing it, and upon noticing accept them as endearment or suffer them intelligibly. By what providence, those calloused western promises of prestige and accidently fit oppositional limits to propriety, yanking around the doodling or diddling to a firm position. make a decision about the decision to make, wander the force of definitive, coalesce the concentrates of assumption and apriory manners. The way you look at others, these small indicative motivating motions, those easily manipulated insecurities, guarded for ourselves in conditioning against the easily influenced tendencies of trauma and easily manipulated masses of collective responses to convince you of anything, and remain correct for centuries without change. they had decided for you, and earnestly work the contrite for more leans in conglomerate that isn’t giving. identification modules humming assemblage parts of being along a line, along the line, adding or subtracting like objects or accessories to bid for humanity from the stickered backs of products.

don’t worry about the standardized personality traits, everybody’s got em’!

via Daily Prompt: Identity

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