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Imaginal Zero

Wanted weightless conditions in the buoyancy of thoughtfulness, the wanted imaginal infinitum and source-less electric in that which is beyond sense, beyond imaginary and beyond collective. The possibilities for other dimensions, these conditions of promised indicative, these imaginary numbers and the weights assumed in the integers spaces beyond the actual digit, these place holding values and the operant functions of zero in the imaginary. The ways in which any amount of space could be imagined and supposed as though real, the separations of actuality in that which is considered a place holder and the thresholds of actuality in that which becomes real based on sight and feeling, the senses of that which remains imaginal and the conditions of interest or investment in that which is invented of the possibilities of shapeliness and movement in the imaginal. The record and reference of difference and similarity in the possibilities beyond, the wanted escape from proximity, participation and paradox limits easily misconstrued in the fantasies of zero and space missing from the imaginal. The wanted distinctions of impression or personal focus, the measureless worth of that which is supposed as though contingent and actual, but which depends upon circumstance upon circumstance and cannot be above chance. The chance and change in the volatility of nature and the ways in which instinct and imagination could be upset, the necessity in underlying principle and the need for curiosity beyond that which is proximity to principle but which has none of its own. Assumptive conditioning and the weights of inference in that which is conditioned normality, the focal devoid patterning of that which is recognized easily and the ways in which time and space can be manipulated against reality. Using circumstance upon circumstance to supposedly connect or continue any amount of information or supposed imagination is inevitable, the chances at recombinative value in any environment will always be at least 100%, the indicative nature of that which is change and chance and the variability and volatility in natural systems guarantees change, chance, difference and uncertainty. Apriory in that which is personal perspective and the actuality of imaginal zero in that which is assumed and applied as though natural, but which has no natural proof. The tricks possible in the the differences or similarity in natural or applied systems, the ways in which observation bias and false positives could be found in any environment and the ease of pretend space and its horrible manipulations in assumptions upon zero in the imaginal. The wanted indicative measureless space of that which is beyond, the supposed presence of imagination and the wanted separations from the means of production. The actuality of workmanship and the necessity in privacy and personal space. The indicative similarity in any motion taken as though fraction and parted in place holding could easily seem as though part of any other motion, and the wanted exactitude of imaginal space is a matter of perspective. Unfair separations of space in the imaginary, the wanted indicative values of zero and the need for critical thought, the smallest or largest amounts of separation, these indicative weight sof promised value and the ways in which thirds can move, the wanted divisions in one over zero and the ways in which any amount of space could seem to be anyplace. Place holder values and the wanted indicatives of time, space and that which is beyond similarity or difference in comparison beyond duality or dichotomy. The inference of weight or rate in that which is beyond time or space and the wanted indicative absolutes for that which is the oblivion of obviousness in circumstance upon circumstance. Free thought, these indeterminable numbers, their causes, meaning and reasons, and the movements beyond shapeliness. The inventions of record and reference and the ways in which any amount of data or information could be quantified to any system. Qualifications of place values in that which is actual, the numbers of us in fractions of supposed wholeness or partiality or the partialities* of assumptive wholeness, character figures and situations of attitude, performance and behavior, charts of possibilities in generalist categorization: no necessary part nor whole, an indicative nature of possibility instead of the limits imposed and assumed by applicative imaginal spaces.

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