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Imagined Constraint

Investments of time and the efforts of imagined constraints. The idea of accuracy in the record of imaginary events, thoughts forming themselves of the surroundings and cautions learned and the entreat of stress patterning from other parts of partialities we have come to understand as part of our own wholeness. The world involved in us, these words to describe the mental events that orchestrate the possibilities of understanding and insight, that allow for the wonder of the ideas beyond self. The particular details able to frustrate to no end the concepts of shared space and interactive environments. The willingness to be fully engaged in the environment and surroundings, wherever that may be or could even be imagined as applying to. Distractions and escapes bring surfacing to the curves of tension and those same curves of beauty or allowance of slightly a-symmetrical spin to every growth or pattern. Beauty needs ugliness, order needs mess. Reality remains a perception and re-conditions the variances of anxiety to tolerable levels automatically, what’s left missing and exasperation, what wanted involvement or needed the attention? Subliminal exertion in variances of postural reflexes again and again, uncontrollable automatic reactions, impulsivity and the ability to focus on obscure stressors. Pausing and wincing for the “places” beyond sense worth reckoning with or avoiding. Incandescent magnitudes of shapeliness in portions of attendant sight and the imaginary event beyond even the record of dreams. Beyond words for sense in the describing of imaginary event, the capability to automatically assert imagined connections and cause and the need to feel connected to the world around us. We aren’t necessarily attached, and an imagination could invent an entire environment, and re-invent every instance of interaction for the attainability of ambiguous connection and cause that doesn’t have actual presence or otherwise effect or affect on the situations themselves. The possibilities of cause are endless, finite but endless, and constrain based on assumptive efforts of claimant autonomy. Limits to reason and understanding in the description of mental and imaginary events and the ability to easily formulate connections that aren’t real and that don’t actually hold referendum or reference. The lacking portrait and continual abasement of sense as though it could really be common or as though what we have mostly figured out by now will never be known to the most of us even with the most extravagant efforts to inform. The assumptions of imaginary event causing real constraints upon the actuality of the investments and engagements, the idea of wholeness of environment automatically attaching us to parts of cause and connection that really has nothing to do with us at all. Grand togetherness procedures and the ease of connectivity in imaginary event, paradox and proximity to fashion cautions and whims to invent new measurements of assurance.

Invented togetherness to hold lonely

The variances still quiet and leaning

dolorous heave and disquieting leisure

The magnificence of feeling

the mountains as a part of something

other than the scenery

Trepidation of others’ vision

Could have been seen before

Never as this, never as that

conceit Divination promise and demise

impressions of consolations to pride again

It’s all yours!

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