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The wonderment of timing and the spaciousness of place value, the indicative norms in that which becomes acceptable or upheld and the necessity in individualist movement and understanding. Philosophizing crowds of one dimensional thought (Marcuse) the variance in identity found only in quantity and quality of difference or similarity, or these underlying myths and parables of rhetorical situation in that which is actually connective. The wanted sense of connection in language as a biological sense and the endless possibilities in random, chaotic recombinance of information and data in bio-lingual feedback that must fit a certain formula in grammar to make sense. The guessing for similarity and difference in language, especially in English and formulaic repetition could prometheate any amount of supposed connectivity or continuation of data. The water that connects these shapes in mind, which moves this reality and possibly other dimensions, these movements imagined in Fourrier transforms and the blinking relevance of that which is assumed in fluidity, water weight and the ways in which dimension could hold buoyancy, the wanted figures of possibilities in that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense, and beyond collective, the physiological constructs of any amount of imagination or metaphysical data and the need for accuracy in seeking out actual facts besides the ever constant circumstance upon circumstance which will always prove itself with the correct biases. The amount of assumptions and faith in that which is oftentimes regarded as fact, the wanted eventuals of constants and the necessity in indeterminable data. The relevance of any amount of data or information and the ways in which movement or imagined movement could effect and affect absorption and digestion of information and data: these fluidities imagined and the absolutions of concentrated oblivion in obviousness, the wanted concertion of space or wave to particular mass or place and the ease of distinction in any limiting pause in direction or directive. The ambiguity of validity multiplexing in a multiverse, the possibilities in any amount of imagined motion and the ways in which any motion adds to or takes away from data and information, inevitably. The same, same ol', the wanted differences in portions of daylight supposedly separated in the dust which would absorb it, this light within which illuminates paths of potential and possibility. Indicative values of imaginary space, these conditions of interest or investment and the ways in which inventions have tricked the senses to bias that is unnecessary and harmful, these constant inconsistencies of wonderment and the possibilities for time and space in the motion and indicative weight of particular mass to space, these endless potentials and possibilities, the abstract and conceptual ambiguity in that which is poetical and in rhetorical situation. The decidable nature of that which is beyond sense, the individual and the need for critical thought, the certainties which perform philosophizing crowds dreams against that which is actual, real, and cannot be determined. If we think we already know, how much uncertainty is allowed? Measureless wonderment, the ways of attention or indicative motions to imagination or thought, these reflexes of sense and the ways in which any amount of reflex could be taken as response to stimuli, these endless portions of wanted connection or connectivity and the actuality of that which is limiting or limited by supposed connection or concentrate therein. Underlying principles in that which is beyond sense, beyond imaginary, and beyond collective, the individual bias and perspective which will never be escaped, no matter how large the conglomerate or philosophizing crowd, the actuality of rhetorical situation, parable and the accuracy in actual science beyond sequestered lots of allowance to certitudes of absolutes. Physiological constructs of imagination and faith, metaphysical data being a physiological construct: water separating movement in reality and the differentiation of imaginary from information, the movement of data or information and the ways in which any amount of indicative could be added to and or taken away from based on autonomous space and potentials in gradients of medium.

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