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Imagining Coincidence

Imagining coincidence, the capabilities in actual accuracy in record of a coincident or mental event, the capacity for observation and the tendency to add to any certain event from personal beliefs or experience. The need for accurate record of imagined event and the actuality that most coincidence is an imagined event cannot be separated: imaginary is imaginary, but can be applied to reality through character, figure and situation applying thought memory and imaginary, and through attitude performance and behavior. Defunct patterns of human fragility, the mentions of actual coincident are few and all rely upon personal experience: to say you observe is an opinion. Apart from the claimant nature of some mysticism, coincident in nature in the volatility of change and the anachronistic evolution of certain species could define actual coincidence beyond the shallow claimant nature of most record of testimonial account. There are plenty of examples of similarities in nature that seem coincidental, but maybe a coincidence is found not as much in similarities but in paradox and that which is more difficult to easily notice as being in resemblance or reminding of other energetics. Real coincident depends upon meaning and others additive indicatives of intention and the record: to isolate a coincidence apart from meaning seems more like an accident, and even those usually don’t escape some for of mystic claiming or another. Actual coincidence in megafauna leftover for whatever reason from every other changing act in natural progression: the differences in something like letters crossing in the mail or needing a decent example that could escape the boundaries of human perspective alone, knowing there is really no escape. This deadening place happens to these quandaries once in a while: there is no record accurate enough for imagination and coincidence. If the connection could be imagined, it could probably be proven or found and once again depends upon human error and record based on perspective sense. Anything could attach to anything if tried hard enough, everything does not necessarily attach to everything though, and especially not accurately. Technically, this is also record of imaginary event, but doesn’t depend upon being called that, and tends to want accuracy more than intensity, a stillness within becoming a formed stillness without, a certain amount of permanency to thought.

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