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Distortions of space, the indicatives of instinct and imagination and the conditioning that cannot be avoided. The postural reflex of part or parted environment and the actuality of that which is indeterminable. The conditions of thought and the actuality of that which is beyond it, the environmental messengers and chemical and electrical conversions of path to space or space to path, of the timing in the decency of that which is conditioned according to survival in industrialized society and that which is counter-intuitive and creates potentials in conversions of space and timing to place and value. The distances imagined for thought or concertion therein, the divination of postural reflexes or any amount of difference or similarity in additive cause, reason or meaning against natural systems and functions. Action and reaction don't necessitate function necessarily, the distinctions of difference or similarity and the actuality of underlying principle in that which is beyond or that which is unseen or unheard of. The definitive connectivity in apriory upon personal space and the actuality of chemical and electrical messages from body or environment. These intensities of concentrate and the potentials in gradients, any amount of connectivity or connection to anyone or anything, if tried hard enough over long enough periods of time. The variables in variety and the routine and formulaic ease of assumption and conditioning. Amplitude, magnitude and frequency in the movement of particulate and wave, the absolution of regard or beginning again and again in thoughtlessness and continuance. This concentrate of word, these giving lets in the ways in which conditioned reality could be wrong, the universal constants of confusion in this universe of constant inconsistency and change, the ways in which data and information conditions reality and imagination and instinct. Mathematical constructs of supposedly natural systems in entirely imagined space, with no actual physical predicaments: these confiscations of daylight and the ways in which a natural system like mathematics could be tricked to seem operant when in actuality, it ain't. Applicable values in that which is quantifiable and qualified*, the escapes in string theory or quantum physics a supposition of indeterminable data, now its applicability being a decidable question...Imagination and instinct, the ways in which we could pretend to separate ourselves from natural systems and the underlying principles in mathematical science that cannot be determined as though separate from the conditioned environments and potentials in body. Experience in that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense, and beyond collective, the severity of potential in that which is assumed part of universal potentials and the actuality of free thought and freedom of association beyond any amount of conditioned or new* systemic involvement. The divination of space and timeliness in absolution upon that which is indeterminable causes volatility in natural systems, possibly? The necessary accident and coincident in the volatility of change in nature and the constant inconsistency in variables forever increasing and decreasing to finite imaginal infinitum. The exactitude of that which is assumed beyond relevance in that which cannot actually be applied to natural systems and the necessity in understanding the underlying facts of indeterminable data.

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