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Information Reliability

The immersive values of space, the reformation of conditions in recombinative value and the assumptive weight of supposed order. The differences in decision making process and the thoughtlessness beyond actual attention, growing words and devices of instinct to consider surroundings as though some part or separation of them. The skies contained the weight of all these years of condensation, of evaporated movements, of these small parts of path that could reckon placement or pretend order for the sake of further disorder or every exception that becomes apparent upon any supposed perfection. The distal refrain of conditioned and formulaic narrative, the distance in space or timing for the differences in actuality or these details of recollection that seem to be every importance. The ability to forget, deciding what is important to me or that which I will or won’t need, the instinct and imagination for information, the differences between actual information and imaginary possibilities: chance happenstance and perchance suspicions of timeliness and these conditioned weights of care or importance, suspicion and superstition, myth and the ability to reason. Theory of mind in the American dialectic of behavioral science, the possibilities in exchange which have become so one-dimensional and the need for mythology. In hopes for discernment between mythology that helps reason and lies that harm information reliability: recognizing delineations between stories that help us grow, and the ways in which mythology works for us, and the ways in which lies and deceit harm cognitive reason, and real myth. Shallow proximities compared with underlying mythologies, the circumstantial sciences of proximities compared with the real science of underlying principles and their actual theories. In defense of poetry, the underlying rhetorical situations and the real mythologies in parable and metaphor that can describe and explain connectivity beyond shallow proximities and similarities in differences and etcetera: the actuality of accuracy in what is information science and the order of data and information. And jeopardy. The extremities of belief in science and the ways in which we actually connect with one another and our environment. It’s indeterminable. And cannot be decided. Science divining belonging and or deciding free will, infinitum, connectivity, knowing it is indeterminable and trying to ignore the volatility of indeterminable data. Pre-determined decidability is automatic detriment. Inopportune refinements of space and the hypnotic sentences of attention that grab or gap the relevance of actuality, the remorseless need to be free and the assumptive values of space or environment. Any supposed attachment or association, the power of assumption and association in the reckoning of connectivity and the continuer theory in additive or reductive conditions to that which cannot be created nor destroyed.

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