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Instinct & Imgination

Instinct and imagination, the ways in which imagination compensates for a concept of wholeness in and with environment, and the ease of confusions on that which seems connected or that which could be supposedly similar. Beyond similarity or difference, in that which actually makes sense and tends to recombinate for actual measure. The distinctions in persistence and that which seems possible in the ways in which imagination guesses and constructs possibilities. The instances of refrain and that which supposedly decides focus or intuitive gait, the distances decided for measureless space, these decisions of concern or interest and that which could seem to operate according to any amount of perspective. These postural reflexes of change and chance, the sparks lit to extinguish in path with these possibilities of conditioning or free thought. Reckoning distance and dilemma, the interest or investments of that which is assumed part or wholeness of environment, let alone perspective sense of it, the decidability of that which cannot be experienced and the air sunken in passed the impossibly light weight of atmosphere. Formless contrivances beyond thought, these still life stoic portraits of data and information, the stillness imagined in a picture and the actuality of that which is always moving, the assumptions upon weighted reference and the divination of supposed concern, the endless possibilities in the wild and ever shape beyond any actual formless stillness. The practicality in that which is actually still, these natural sciences in mathematics that aren't applied to a natural system, but which must exist...The perfections of still and right shapes assumed in measureless space, the conditions of unrest and that which seems to fit in the assumptions of messages from biological space but is actually imagination, guessing in instinct for focus upon the wild. The differentiation in that which is supposedly continuance or connectivity and that which is obvious in the oblivion of that which becomes comfortable or is for whatever reason unrecognizable. Romantic beaches of lost symbols, Hinton, the distinctions of difference or similarity and the entanglement of actual love. Shapeliness and forms that are close enough to a natural system to be included as though part of a natural system and not applied...The amount of indicative assumption upon data and the conditions of reckoning free thought in that which is conditioned as corrected-ness and which doesn't always apply that effectively...Language will always seem more natural to me, funny that it could ever separate, these assumptions of absolution and the wanted freedom to wonder, the need to be comfortable being in the wrong, and the need for free thought. The idea of applied or natural science, the portions of decidability in wholeness or part of environment, and that which is only only allowable in difference or similarity, the needed distinctions in parable and rhetorical situation and the actuality of that which is beyond compare. Assumptions upon the wild in wholeness or partiality, the idea of actual stillness and its real accuracy to nature and timing, ever moving, ever changing, constant inconsistency. The timing of mountainsides and these concepts of deep time, the excuse and exclusions of data and information based on absolution and ultimatum, the need for free thought and free wonderment, instinct and imagination and the ways in which we tend to actually attach to and read from environment aren't decidable. Especially from an outside perspective. The divinations of daylight and these conditions for the paths within in bias for forms of duality or dichotomy, the world of engaging discourse outside these one dimensional planes of assumption and conditioning that tries free will as though it is already disproven. Distinctions of differentiation and that which is beyond imaginary, beyond thought, and beyond collective, the transitional plane of silence, clarity and stillness beyond any amount of data or information, the ways in which imagination and instinct effect and affect character, figure and situation in that which is attitude performance and or behavior. Instinct and imagination, the ways in which we interact with environment and the messages assumed as though part of physiological constructs in either body or environment, the actuality in that which is applied or natural.

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