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Immensities in the immediacy of nature and conditioned norms, the wanted figures of applicability and the strange interest in differences beyond semblance, these motions in motif and the formulaic ease of happenstance and chance. Circumnavigated gaseous applicability factors, these wanted breaks of silence in a universe of constant noise and the closeness of any color of flame in clouds. These closed beakers static distinctions and the wanted underlying fundamentals in hexagonal figures. The nature of neutrality in growth and attraction, these perfectly neutral spills of easily imbalanced matter tipping scales of possibility in wonder, the grounds of electric current and the charges of water. Impressions of netting under the Earth, these endless entanglements of roots and their constant inconsistence in growth, underlying static charges and the humming music and noise to any action, reaction or function: the expansive limits of color in the atmosphere and the possibility of chambers which convert falling vapor to chrystilline shapeliness. Charge is in the air, the morphological underpinnings of possibility in bonding and the color of a flower based on what's internal alone. How did the centuries develop these slow growths of color? Soil, atmosphere, these strands of learning adding and removing traits useful to survival: the necessity in beauty for natural growth deciding yellow for high altitude daffodils, and purple for the lupine. Variation between species in plants all existing in the same exact place at the same exact time. Hybrid flowers guessing at hue in particularities of strands, flowers changing colors after being pressed and dried, the hexagonal shapes of some color and the effects of moving water. Bright red patches of leaves surrounded by orange and yellow, all of the same exact species at the same exact time. Variance in slow growth, the conditioned normality in shape or growth patterning and the bi-annuals which still bloom every year in some places. The endless exception to any base assumption upon morphological timing and space given or taken in shapeliness. The shapeliness in water and changes to color, the most obvious force of change and limitable difference in nature. The charging particles of surrounding gradient potential, environments in constant change, and action, reaction and function within autonomous space, the isolation of 'space' in nature and the ways in which manufactured space creates bias. Sparks of phytochemical dust in a charged chamber, the atmospheric closeness of a simple enclosure and the distances from actual atmosphere which could exist in any amount of it supposedly isolated.

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