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It's A Physiological Construct, J.B. Rhine

Distances worth traveling and the concentrate of weight in the supposed distances beyond thought. The conditions of recombinance in that which is considered part of environment or body, the figures of unrest and the decisions supposedly made for us. Decide not to decide. The differences or similarities in that which is supposedly connected and the actuality beyond in that which is symbiotic or belongs in environment. The distinctions of timing and that which is easy to misconstrue in accordance with outside referent values and indicatives of partiality in timing. Wholeness or partiality, difference or similarity, the quality or quantity of information and the ways in which communication depends upon will. Variant trivialities and the divination of concentrate, the pressures and gradients of potential and the active, resting and passive motif of that which is possible but not real. Any possibility in that which is supposedly present, these similarities in chemical reaction suddenly a meaning and function, the actuality of that which is free and the neutrality necessary to commons and decency in perspective. The polarity in electric figuring of wanted free neutral and the ways in which ellipses have grown to throw off timing. The ease of mistake in that which cannot mechanically operate, the ways in which mathematics is natural to a system and the ways in which imagination could trick it into actual application. The decency in separation of natural systems and the actuality of indeterminable and volatile data in that which is assumptive conditioning, distinctions in that which is imaginary or actual information, and the ways in which mathematics being a natural system could trick the imagination and instinct into likelihood that doesn't exist. The measureless worth of that which is beyond and the indicative nature of environment, the reflex of posture and supposed decisions in a heartbeat. The actuality of movement and the ways in which imagined usefulness or applicant value in mathematics has been warped in the past. The differentiation in that which is concentrated or focused to perspective, the decisions of biased observation and the actuality of systemic conversions and distortions in that which is imaginal, environment or body. Instinct and imagination, of all of the ways in which industry has attached us to their ideas, and all of the ways in which free thought happens anyway. The distances beyond that which is assumed as part of body or environment, and the actuality of mechanically inclined bodies in a mechanical universe, metaphysical data is a physiological construct, and any imagination is based in a physical reaction, action and not necessarily function, but who could help adding some reason, cause or meaning. Even to have none, counts as a cause. Tension and pressure, the weighted indicatives of Nerst, Nyquist and Shannon and all the ways in which that which is beyond seems likely and concentrated, the nociception of separation in that which is supposedly obvious and the reality of physiological underlying construct irregardless. Its a chemical or electrical reaction, and its coming from somewhere, no matter what. Phantoms of connectivity and supposed relation, the relativity in that which is actual, and the endless variability in that which is imagined. This finite universe has almost infinite potential and possibility. Imaginal infinitum and the source-less electric, the actuality of that which is beyond body and the need for critical thought. Supposed separation in that which is Astral and the factual in that which even then must always be part of body and environment and comes from a physiological construct.

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