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Variance in timing, the reliability of instinct and imagination and the ways in which reference and record can trick time. Divination of space and timing, the speculations worth supposed application and the ways in which any amount of environment in duality or dichotomy could seem endlessly chaotic, the conditions of interest and investment and the ways in which partiality and wholeness perceived of a system declare perspective sense. The variability of timing and the space in which observation can actually register, thresholds of perspective and the presence of a moment in motion and perceived momentum. Once recorded, becomes a solidified measure, the amounts of extrenuous action or potential present to any amount of measure of probability in environment creates a fragmented partiality upon partiality, circumstance upon circumstance, and through imaginal measure could feign wholeness. The actuality of a chemical moment and that which is in potential weight and rate beyond and within any given moment or the timing of present in variance and potential. The leftover moments conditioned to a present space, the friction of earth to a stillness percieved in wholeness which does not exist, a moment kept as though porcelain, an imagined stillness not even real in photograph. The wanted divinations of moving timelines and the misuse of zero as though part of movement, the place holding and value of constant shifting chaos, and the imaginal pressured speculation which could trick significance to a moment in pause which cannot exist. Assured of closeness as closure, limits of space and timing to imagined constants which are inconsistent and always moving and changing, the imagination tricking measurement and instinct to variations of mythology for the sake of modems and models which could seem to work, circumstance upon circumstance being mistaken for underlying principle, applied as though universal and taken as though immovable. Impossible is impossible. Comparison models and ways of knowing, the duality and dichotomy expected and the necessity in growth: the distinctions in random, indeterminable data and chaos, especially in that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense, and beyond collective. Partially in the necessity in imagination, in the instinctual variance that allows us to guess for possibilities within environment and to trick our own instincts with imagination, the solidity testable and the wanted conditions of that which is beyond withheld in assumptive motive based on three dimensions imagining a fourth. Stated mater, the ways of Earthly life, the testable components of actual motion and space, the variability of life and motion in that which is beyond, the wanted instinctual value of measure and the bias of perspective, immediacy and confusion in instinctual response and the ways in which imagination could remove danger. The consistency of discovery and what is actually searched for: only that which is like me and this little three dimensional space, anything beyond probably a waste or evil...Silence, clarity and stillness in the possibilities for that which is beyond, the wanted absolution in guessing and the necessity in curiosity, the portrait sense replaced by formulaic repetitions like mantra, constantly testing and reforming possibilities in change and difference. The volatility of change and the beauty necessary to change in any allowance factors or environment, the wanted necessity in religious science in seeking out other dimensions and just how far instinct and imagination could take us into them, whether ever 'real' and measurable to us or not, will probably be a matter of perspective and in the diligence of the observer and in accordance with their will. Maybe no matter what. The figurative persistence of that which is beyond, the pressure of immediacy in that which is beyond being also within me partially and the variations of space imaginable in the conditions of that which is beyond in accordance with scientific principle and religious studies in the ways of thought which formulate possibilities in beyond and its measurement to begin with. All knowledge as a separate and innate field, the conditions of authority and the constant of Invictus: I am the captain of my soul... The reality and necessity in free will and the prevalence in hive-minded bias to forfeit the sense of self in reality to a crowd isn't necessarily conducive to finding other dimensions nor exploring that which is beyond imaginary, beyond sense, and beyond collective.

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