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Lexicon of Disclusion

Immeasurable distances beyond mention, these impossible limits of interpretation or the indefinite and undecidable, that which is immeasurable and exactitudes of guessing games for chemical and electrical messengers. The differences in instinct and imagination, the distinctions in the portions of daylight and the variables actual in the wild. Mechanistic leanings of assurance and that which is physiological construct irregardless, the wanted separation from underlying principles and actuality of individual and individual space, the ease of discounting voice in hive mind and the necessity in that which is a mystery. Portions of allowance and that which is easily guessed at based on repetition and formulaic sense for private research and data. The distinctions in that which is actual and that which is easily fabricated in assumptions upon the wild and its endless variables and possibilities in re-combinative value. Justifications for sense and the persistence of unnecessary attention, the divination of concentration and the suppositions of proximity in claimant figures of parasitic nature. Free thought out beyond these endless emotional landscapes of inept wanted absolution of decisions made for us by environment, read by machinery, the conditions of unrest and that which is convenient in assumption from machinery and that which will never be accurate in measure according to inept circuitry. The electricity of biological factors, the decided absolution upon nociception and the divination of unquestioning mythology, which cannot be science. Deciding the decisions of machinery as though it could ever remove observational bias, or as though any amount of hive mind could remove observational bias, or that by supposed observing of an environment they have nothing to do with it, could pretend some sort of power or control over the messages that are inevitable in any environment and which are reliant on perspective sense and free will. The decisions of message from body and environment depend on the will of the observer, and not outside mis-interpretation. The figures of care, these distractions of assurance and that which actually inspires me, books, these lessons learned over and again, these machines that will never prove themselves wrong and the proprietors of acceptance feeding newspeak like we could ever care. Indeterminable data and the volatility in that which is undecidable, the limits of imagination and that which has been decided for us, these conditions of unrest and the actuality of free thought. Anything supposedly proven with the illegal use of involuntary offsets will forever be slightly above chance, indeterminable data that is not for use, and that is horribly volatile to try to use. Imagination machines to interrupt and claim parts of inspiring or else-wise are nothing new, Augusta Ada was the first meta-physician around one of the very first computers, Babbage...These today? Sitting addicted to psychic and fortunetelling machinery, thinking of themselves as some sort of fucking scientists or skeptics...No options for recourse, these machines we have been entrapped to through intentional lack of free enterprise have done us so much good in this so far, and are only doing better no matter what: it's universal, and no matter what, they can pretend the information already belongs to them, they already had part in our environments, and their libido placebo tricks can convince of any amount of connectivity. Not like that was their big idea to begin with...Any machine that could contend with them? Removed from the possibility of even patent every single time. And now? Metagods rather than meta-physicians, much better! Whom have already decided others thoughts, and even claim our behaviors. What wonders! And how many times has valid information science that takes meta-physicians into account been purposefully thrown asunder by them, especially in entertainment...confuse us to the issues till we forget, these meta-god heroes can explain only the very best of what they consider free data, which is information none of us would ever want to share or have seen by anyone. And what they've kept to themselves over the years?! So long as it's private...

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